Battery Buying UK

I am in the U.K. and sent The battery finance people an email regarding the on going £40 a month to rent the batteries. I was not expecting any joy having previously spoken with them. Anyway got an offer back buy them for £1500. Thoughts. I need to check the year and milage.

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Would need to know the age of the car and how long left on the agreement, looks like some have got without paying now after it expires

FYI >>
Many are reporting in France that they got offer to purchase the Traction battery from DIAC for about 300 euros (excluded VAT 20%) for their 2012 madel.
2013 are getting offers like 690 euros (excluded VAT).

Looks like Europe are getting a good deal , in the UK RCI are charging more , mine was a 2012 brought at 640 pounds plus VAT

If your Twizy model is from before 10/2012… it would (probably) be charged 600+ euros and next month could be offer at about 300 euros.
I asked Twizy Owners here in France and the got the answer with prices corresponding to the date of 1st immat of the Twizy. :wink:

mine was on the road April 2012 , dealer demo Twizy.

Then you could find a mate in France, than change your living adress (using the one of your mate) and then after declaring your new adress to RCI/DIAC you’ll ask for a new quote of Battery price and if it goes to 300 euro (excluding 20% taxes) you buy it and than forget about the adress changes :wink:

So just checked 2015 with less than 2000 miles. The agreement must becoming up as I have had it 2 years plus

I don’t think it matters how much of your contract is left. You should be able to buy anytime.

I agree , it looks like in the UK we are paying a premium so we should be able to buy out at any time :thinking:

If your Twizy is over 8 years old you can buy out the lease from RCI for £250 inc VAT. Email [email protected]; and they will confirm process.

So RCI did rip me off :rofl:

Over 8 years old :heavy_check_mark:

Only just been changed by rci . Not sure I will do it as I like guarantee on battery. No idea how much it would cost to replace traction battery, or lithium cells, if any problems!?!

It is the issue you are buying out the warrantee…albeit not many people seem to have ever got a new battery… and I understand they could supply you one with 76% capacity to replace your 74% degraded unit!
In terms of repair, it should be simple. Swap out the bad cells. Rebalanced. Replace and clean and BMS connections etc.

As far as I know there are very few people in the UK who would take on the repair however.

People have successfully to date installed…

Tesla batteries
12v car batteries
VW egolf batteries
@kennethnilsen69 batteries

It then becomes a complex world of integration of controller’s etc to make it work. But it had been done and isn’t impossible.

Prices… for same power and more range…£3500 up, but coming down.
If @andy_kirby had the time I am sure he could make one in the UK.
And I am sure if it was as lucrative/ popular market he would.
That’s where the problem lies…if you buy new EV and need a battery sorted…its a warrantee issue. They swap in replacement parts until it works again. We as a country don’t fix alot any more and the skills are lost.

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It is definitively not that difficult but the more you are scared and the more you will be ready to pay :wink:
(Isn’t it Tesla stratégy?)
BMS were turned around to alow other battery to take place in Twizy and get it work even better. (Kenneth, Dexter, etc…)

true its just the various industries tring to scare you - its part of the world control , i often build electrical systems , software , ICE and battery packs :rofl:

Bit gutted I paid £800 in July.