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Battery Commitment

I was speaking to a dealer this morning who was explaining that the battery ‘agreement’ was for the lifetime of the car? I’m sure it isn’t as the cost increases by £5pm if less than 24 months. I assume therefore once the initial hire period expires, the owner then had to make their own arrangements?

So far there is no option to buy the battery separately, so your only option is to rent it from Renault. Obviously you can stop payments at the end of the contract, that’s your prerogative, but you’ll have a battery-less Twizy.

I think the different terms of contract are if you know you might want to sell it within 24 months. Or if you know you’re keeping it might as well go for 36 months etc.

Unless, of course Renault move the goalposts (as is suggested) and cease leasing. My dealer suggested a big killer to sale was the requirement or TWO concurrent payments for the same vehicle. .

Agree with that-they should have set up a single payment or lease price to make it more attractive

Yeah this is basic marketing to be honest lol. Just lump it into one payment. Offer 0% finance for Christ’s sake. Just get them selling. The more on the road the more chance of the idea taking off.

Yes, add the whole term price (eg one or two years) as one figure to the finance and do it 0%, it’s not rocket science and they can renew BH as needed

The Smart Electric offers both battery rental and sales models, YOU choose. I like that. The new Smart Electric is out shortly. About £15000 for the top spec including battery purchase.

Tempting. Up to 90 mile range (not sure yet what that realistically means with my mix of motorway and town commuting), windows, (opening electric ones) and a removable roof. There’s a big step between the Twizy and the Zoe. The Smart can also be plugged into a 13amp socket (8hrs) or a charge post (7hrs). There’s an option for a 1hr fast charger but that replaces the standard on board charger.

I’ll be looking more into it either way, working as a sustainability consultant for small to medium companies I have to be able to give them their options on all aspects. That includes environmentally friendly transport that fits right in with them without causing issue. Electric certainly has it’s place to the right companies, but it definitely needs more consideration than just looking at their previous journey logs and saying “your journeys are within the range of a xxxx”. So many other little aspects to consider. It was one of the reasons I bought a Twizy, I don’t advise my clients without testing this stuff in real life myself! Theory is fine, real world use always chucks up stuff you’d never think of :slight_smile:

i guess it is a good option to buy a new battery instead of getting it on a rental basis. every month you have an headache of to pay your rent to the leasing company or so. i don’t think so there is any kind of guaranty and warranty will cover in leasing. what did you say…??

The Renault lease includes both warranty and recovery costs as well as the capital cost. If the battery drops below 70% efficiency, you get a replacement. I see the new Twizy Cargo provides a purchase option (£5k) as an alternative.

Ouch, £5,000 sounds a bit steep. I guess that nearly £12000 for a new Twizy would price them right out of the market. I cant see many people going for that as an option. I am banking on technology moving forward in the battery department over the next couple of years that should force prices of the current spec down a lot. Then there might be a more viable alternative to renting.

Well, I’m sold on renting,as my Vectrix VX1 now has a range of 4 miles (used to be 55) as there is a battery issue. Since the dealer won’t go down to component (cell) level - a replacement new tech battery pack is £4,800 plus VAT. Guess why I’m not rushing towards a replacement?

I can see this from both sides!

visiting a dealers shop there was little understanding for customers wanting to lower their monthly fees.
I think they should offer a low km model, where the user has only to pay for wear and tear - by no means I will reach the allowed 6000 km.

But on the other hand the current type of contract saves us from telemetry and remote switching of the vehicles is’nt it?