Battery Fault

Hello, I am new to the forum and I will need some of your help, please.

I bought a used twizy, recently. And there appeared to me the error whose attached image. Do you know what that might be? have reported that it may be the battery charger. If so, should not it be covered by insurance, once is a rental battery?
Any help will be very much appreciated!!

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First before panicking, check the voltage of the 12V battery. The Twizy gets all sorts of silly errors when the 12V battery is a little low.

Hello Osbrook

Thank you.

The 12V Battery it’s ok. The Twizy went to Renault Dealer last week, and today, they confirm that have to change charger. But I do not really trust these people in the Dealers. Looks like they’re always testing with our money. Including, say that have to change the charger to see if the problem is just this, or if it is another. It seems to me very amateurish …

I wonder if anything like this has ever happened to someone at the forum . The error appeared the first time, in progress on the road.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Hugo.

That looks alarmingly similar to the problem I had with my 2012 Twizy.

If you hear three beeps when the warning lights come on, it behaves exactly like the dying charger/bms I had to deal with. I first installed a new 12V battery but that did not help.

Cost me a little over 1000 euros to get it fixed.
I don’t have a rental battery so I am not sure, but the charger is no integral part of the battery so I doubt it is covered by the battery insurance.

Anyway, Good luck!

Ps: do not mistrust all dealers. Mine (Enschede, Netherlands) were knowledgable, diagnosed the problem, fixed it for the agreed sum and handed me the faulty charger as requested to have a curious look inside. They even advised me when to pick up my Twizy so I could meet their Twizy certified mechanic for a little chat. So I felt broke but well serviced.

Thank you Pollus

It was exactly 3 beeps.

The car was already in a dealership that gave me this diagnosis, but I did not like the service and the insecure way they treated the whole process, and I decided to transfer it to another one. I went there first (on monday) to talk to them and they gave me countless explanations that comforted me with regard to trust. Since yesterday the car is in the new dealer (certified by Renault for electric/ZE cars) At the moment I believe that the problem is in fact this, despite the technician of the workshop where it is at the moment, to have said to me that it seemed very strange to be problem of the loader. But he went on to evaluate me and give me the verdict. I’m like you: I’ll be torn and lighter in my wallet, but with the feeling of being well served.

Thanks for all and best regards.
Hugo Tomas

Good afternoon

After several tests at Renault, it is concluded that the battery charger will have to be replaced.

I have already moved forward with repair and replacement. As soon as I have more news I inform everyone.

In the meantime, I also discovered that the car’s chassis has several rust spots. It is still under the corrosion warranty and I asked for the inspection to appeal the warranty. Let’s see what happens.

I bought the used car on a Portuguese island (Azores) and definitely the cars are not prepared to be in a site with so much aggressive exposure.
Alert to users here on the forum, who live near the sea or in snow environments, who are aware of the appearance of corrosion.

This might have been a subject for an independent topic.

As soon as you have news, report.

Greetings to all.

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The battery charger of my twizy as been replaced.

The problem of the old one, is that doesn’t charge the 12V battery. With the charge of the main battery it’s everithing ok.

Once the dealer gave me the old one, if anyone knows someone able to fix the old charger, or someone interested in the charger, even with the fail, I’ll be happy to negociate it.

In respsct to the corrosion problem, the responsable company has maded one inspection, and i’m waiting for the result.

Best Regards

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