Battery hire monthly prices

Battery rental.

I currently pay £55.00 / month on a 36 months contract for if I remember well 7000 miles per year (need to check the contract as it could be 7500 miles). On my first 12 months I have nearly covered 8700 miles and it is not looking better for the second year but better in terms of fun.

The way it is going and at this rate I will be better of driving a Ferrari as when 36 months ends I will need to remortgage my house! Also just received my insurance as well for over £600… no more to say!

Renault latest battery hire rate for the Twizy is better with an interesting option of £57 / month on a 36 months contract with 9000 miles. that’s £2 more per month but it will cover my yearly usage.

I know it has been mentioned in the past but can you update the contract without to much hassle?

Just under 2 years into my original contract of £45/month for 4000 miles pa, I managed to change it to £35/month for 3000 miles pa. I didn’t have any problems at all. I might have been lucky because others seemed to hit a brick wall with RCI.

Thanks, I will give it a go this week.After all I am increasing the monthly payment so they should not complaint.