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Battery is covered in your lease

Toomey Renault at Basildon told us today that there is absolutely no need to insure the battery in the Twizy. This is covered under the terms of the lease

This is incorrect. I checked with the lease company. You must inform your insurance company of the value of the battery and include this in the overall cost when insuring the Twizy. What if the battery is stolen, along with he car? What if you damage the battery in a crash?

The battery is only covered for defects under the leasing company.

I’ll concur with James, my dealer told me the battery must be added to the vehicle’s value as you are responsible for it should the vehicle get stolen or the battery damaged in an accident etc. The battery lease only covers you for faults and manufacturing issues. of this sealed unit.

[INDENT]Please see email we received from Sheila’s Wheels today:-
Thank you for your recent enquiry.

We have confirmed with our underwriters that we would insure the Renault Twizy, but not the battery.

Insurance for this would need to be sourced else where unfortunately.

Should you require any further assistance, please contact us on 0845 604 3550 or via email.

We are available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 2pm.

Yours sincerely

*As to Toomeys at Basildon, I’m only quoting the guy there who made enquiries on our behalf and got back to us - surely Renault themselves should know?


Not all insurers will insure the battery, hence why you received that reply.

You could try Admiral or Pluginsure. I’m with Admiral and Pluginsure are specialist EV insurers.

You’ll soon come to realise that Renault seems to be run by 10 year olds. It seems to be hugely disorganised and a lot of dealers don’t actually know much about the Z.E range.

This site has probably sold more Twizys for Renault than Renault have themselves in this country (seriously not an exaggeration!)

Very true! I’m looking at the possibility of buying a Twizy and instead of going to Renault for information, I’ve been coming here.

Just phoned a few places for a quotation - PlugInsure suggested I should pay £540, whilst Adrian Flux offered £250. Is there an ‘average’? My Renault Espace (purchase price £23,000) is insured for just £160 fully comp - so there’s a lot wrong with both sets of figures. Is the insurance cost really sqeuwed badly for other owners?

In each case, the value included the battery costs.

Yes, unfortunately insurance for the Twizy is strangely high.

I regularly get quoted over £1000 from the main insurers even though I’m over 25, been driving over 8 years and have 5 years no claims discount. The cheapest I’ve found is around the £550 mark.

Is the A Flux without no claims discount, as to mirror it with 2 cars it normally has to be with the same company, insurance is very strange, there is no rules, each company makes their own up.

My 3 bikes are with Bikesure (an AF company), but the Twizy quote was as a car, and I was given an introductory starter discount so no amalgamation simply as an existing customer.

It is incredible that insurers - it seems - single-handedly able to stall Twizy adoption and restrict greater use of a superb product. Are other EV’s similarly penalised, anyone know?

Twizy has these issues because insurers use computer programs to assess risk and as it is:
1/ a new untested product
2/ classed as a quadricycle not a car
3/ has a separate amount needed to cover a battery owned by someone else
It does not fit any tick box and is therefore viewed suspiciously and rates are set accordingly.

I think the premiums are a bit over the top, but with parts supply a major issue and the insurers being liable to put you back into pre-accident condition-so either having to write it off or cover a courtesy car for ages, that the premiums are fair. It has the value of a small new car and the safety liabilities of a motorbike, so £350-500 seems about right to me.
Mine was covered free on my Tradewise trade policy after some negotiation.