Battery Lease Buyout

Renault have announced that existing customers can now buyout their battery lease.

Is this true? I still have 18 months left on my current battery lease. My Twizy is 6 years old now. I would have thought when my lease is finished they will just cease renewals as the battery will be almost at the end of its serviceable life.

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Guys does anyone one know how to buy replacement batteries? Some countries sell Twizy with batteries so surely they would also sell replacement batteries? Any logic to this?

In Sweden we can buy twizy with battery, but not only battery.

I would contact Renault to find out.

Not available here in the UK

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to me
Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email.

It is not possible to purchase the Battery in a Renault vehicle. The Battery will always require a lease in place.

Thank you


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Not good, not helpful - rubbish but thanks for checking.

I sent them a suitably snotty letter about it being available in other European countries, but as you’d expect, no reply.

My Twizy is gone now, so I’m not paying for that anymore. I just wish there was a decent alternative to it available that didn’t need that level of neverendum payment. Mine was a 2012 model, and the battery was like new, so it’s a scam these days, and they know it.

Cheers John

There’s a company down south that’s converting classic cars and campers to electric using Tesla battery packs. I wonder what the cost and the range would be on them? Worth investigating no doubt!

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