Battery lease ending

I’ve received my letter with the 3 options which are of no use to me.ive sent a registered letter to say that on 29 th Nov 17 I will stop my direct debits and that the battery will be removed from car and ready to be picked up from my home address at their convenience.let the fun begin.


I totally support your action. Please let us know what happens.


Who will be removing the battery?


I will remove the battery.only a few bolts and a few connectors.

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I didn’t realise that it was simple to remove, what are the other options they have given?

What are you going to put in its place?


Are you in the UK Subevo? I will be very interested to hear their response, as we will all be in a similar position ourselves soon. I will be surprised if they actually agree to come and collect the battery, so maybe don’t be too hasty to pull the thing out just yet!

There’s more and more EV battery knowledge out there now - those chaps at Electric Classic Cars that I met at Goodwood for example - so even if RCI did send a man in a van to collected the battery, I’d not be too concerned about getting it back up and running quite quickly. But I really don’t think RCI are actually geared up for mass return of batteries from their increasingly grumpy Twizy/Zoe customers.

Time will tell though!

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Hi folks .
I’ve not got any plans as such but have built my own electric car before.a converted dawoo matiz.
I have storage space at my house and have another car to use so no hassle doing without the twizy for a while.
The 3 options are trade in to a dealer .sell car and transfer lease. or do nothing and they will assume you want to continue with a new lease cost not specified which is annoying as I was currently paying £30/ month .who knows what it is now £45? Or no mention of continuing at £30/ month with new lease.
I’m in uk . Letter also states they are not prepared to sell battery.

I went through this process last year but decided to keep renting the battery in the hope rci will give us the battery soon.

Researched fees from my local Renault garage to remove the battery , storage for said battery and transporatation fees to get the battery back to France .

If you remove the battery yourself I believe you will still be charged for them to the test the battery pack before they return it to France at your cost.

It was suggested to me if I removed the battery then they might take some time to test the battery before return , obviously at my cost , the contract is quite good :frowning:

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Thanks for that info.
Just had a call from Rci to say they received my letter.A nice chap on phone said they were willing to continue the lease at £30/ month ( which is what I pay now) rather than lose a customer.i said I would think about it.
He did state if I decided to go to the dealer to remove battery they would pick up the cost but I would need to make arrangements to transport my twizy back home.i asked about whether Renault would scrap leasing soon.he said there are rumours but nothing confirmed.basically said they would prefer to come to an agreement with a customer at the end of the lease to come to a deal rather than lose business.
In summary very polite rci employee who understood my concerns and my preference to buy the battery outright and noted this on my file. said good luck in whatever I decide to do.
To be honest I wasn’t expecting a I was sure my lease was going to jump to £45 at least.


I have just done some math:
My battery has been payed for € 3.672 when my contract is done.
That is what the battery is worth when it was new. I am going to try them to let me keep the battery.
In may 2018 my contract is up for renewal.

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en italy, buy to battery is possiblle. price. 8000€… very bad…

I would say removal and transports at there cost, a 4 year old battery is worth next to nothing and a large chunk of the cost has been paid. Some twizy’ s are 5 years old… what’s the battery worth? Not more than translation, removal and return of the car… tell them.

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The real question is cost.

Whatever has been paid in the past has gone. If you took out a 3 year contract now, you are guaranteeing the battery for that term. Alternatively if you bought one, how much would it cost you?

The life of a rechargeable battery is limited, my twizy is 5 years old, I’d expect it’s battery to start failing during this second lease period in which case I’ll get a new one.

Has anyone actually had a battery replaced under the lease scheme yet?
I ask this as based on all the reading nether the leasing company or Renault seem to know whats going on, so like any “insurance” wondering if the payout meets customer expectations.

The battery lease is still a thing putting me off buying a twizy for fun.

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Apologies if I am slightly hijacking the thread here… when I buy a Twizy, I will do a relatively speaking large mileage on it, easily approx. 300 miles a week. I was going to do the cheapest battery rental option though and basically lie about my mileage.

I am prepared to chance it as it were, with not being eligible for the battery replacement cover. I just see the rental as nothing more than a Renault Tax (I know I am not the only one). Lithium batteries are really good these days, very reliable and while you can get a problem or defective battery, such instances are rare.

So my question on this is, what happens when I sell the Twizy on a later date, but my mileage greatly exceeds what I have been paying for monthly?

  1. Do/can Renault block the sale?
  2. Does the paperwork transfer to the new owner not really impact anyone?
  3. Will Renault allow the sale, but come chasing after me and hounding me?
  4. Will they apply bad credit ratings to my credit score?
  5. Does anyone have any direct experience of this situation?

I really despise Renault for their forced rental, and I think any decent BEV maker should really just be giving a battery warranty as standard. You don’t buy a cordless battery hoover and get forced to pay a tax by the maker of the hoover. Is not like Renault don’t believe in their Twizy battery either, is just a case of they have found a way to get squeeze a bit more money from their Twizy sales in the UK, is almost akin to a royalty fee, or like you are buying into some franchise. It really is nonsense, and the UK electric driving community is being exploited by Renault on this one.

To set the perspective.
Renault believe the Twizy battery is good for 10 YEARS. This means that they will not drop battery rental until we get close to that point that batteries of failing and need to be fixed.

At that point they will simply drop the rental, give you the battery and leave you to sort out issues.

RCI did say the battery could be purchased for a price - 10% per year.

Batteries are not replaced when they drop below 75% they have the damaged cell replaced to bring the battery back up to over 75%. No new battery!

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@noahs_dad interested in your weekly mileage as well.

I do 150 miles per week on mine, which is basically a full charge over night, 32 mile daily round trip to the station.

It sounds like you are doing a 30 mile journey each way daily and a charge at each end. Is that correct?

Yes *IF/WHEN I get a Twizy, I would be doing 5 x 60 mile round trips a week (30 there and 30 back as you say). I would park it a Park & Ride car park and charge on a T2 post while at work. I wouldn’t be tying up any posts either as it would be a Park & Ride that has loads of posts. Mind you, a Twizy is not much slower than some 3.3kW charging Leaf’s are on a T2. Is also still vastly more efficient than some PHEV’s that T2 charge.

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I don’t know of anyone getting their battery replaced under the lease contract. I have had trouble myself just trying to get a decent battery status diagnosis…(