Battery lease expired

Hello our lease expired some 5 months ago, we have not heard anything… no payments!!! The car is also outside of the 4 year warranty.

Is anyone in the same situation, with no money being taken, as they have not signed a new lease. ?


yeah time to sell that car to you know a family member or such !!!

Sound lucky to me. Hope they don’t catch up with you and want back payments.

I just ignored the letter about it coming to an end… if they get in touch I’ve got a letter dated :slight_smile: saying yes I wish to sell, please take my car to a main dealer for trade in!! That’s what I posted to them :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is there anyone else with a Twizy out of warranty, and ignored the letter? There must be?

I intend to do that when the time comes :fearful:

I really don’t think RCI are very thorough or organised, as I took out a new battery lease in June when I bought my car and shortly after transferred the car onto a cherished number plate. I’m paying £45/month and RCI are collecting the direct debits… But the former owner is now getting letters stating that the vehicle is currently not under a battery lease agreement and are quoting the original registration number. I probably didn’t inform them of the reg no. change, but the agreement is still in place - and being paid - so they must surely have it against the chassis number too? He’s just responded to say it’s been sold and a new lease was taken by the new owner, so let’s see what they come back with.

Has anyone heard any more about the rumored end to battery leasing?

I think it’s a different story when the Warranty and battery are up… remember you wrote them a dated letter to come and pick up the car for trade in, you have not had any contact from them (do not email!)

End to Battery leasing looks to be only for ZOE’s where they have new models out. So no one wants the one ones. By removing the battery lease it makes them more attractive.

There are limited Twizyz and no new model, so RCI think no one cares. Also the point that most Zoe’s were on PCP contracts so go back to RCI who need them to be worth somehting which they ar eif battery included . Twizy owners do just that and own it and if they want to use it have to pay for the battery. Until a cheap replacement comes along, perhaps spurred by the Open source Twizy.

I went to the dealer last week to return the Twizy I hired and asked about Twizy prices.
From 2017 on you can choose to rent or buy the Twizy battery.
But they are asking 4500 € for the battery!:rage:
He said Twizy owners had been complaining for years not to be able to buy the battery and now that they had the chance they didn’t want to … :scream:

@bbel where are you from? In Norway the battery has always been purchased, here in the UK it can only be leased. Battery was £2700 so 4500 Euros sounds a lot of money. I have already paid £2450 in battery rental and would want that knocking off the price if able to buy.

I’m from Belgium. Buying the battery is new here. I also believe (not sure) there is a warranty on the battery
of only 2 years. Depending on the km you drive/year buying might become very expensive.

So there is not anyone else who is out of warranty and battery lease is up and ignored (replied !!!) to the letter? Must be coming up

I guess that only applies to those who bought new and still have their Twizy after more than 4 years. Mine is coming up 5 years in July, but I only bought it in Jun 2016, so have a battery lease until June 2019. Am also fascinated to understand what RCI do if these end-of-lease letters are ignored… On current mileage rate, I am going to be very close to exceeding my 13,500 agreed lease limit by that time.

In my first year I thought I’d go past the 3 total but things came back the second year. But it is not as simple as that as they don’t actually know how many miles you have done.

My car is also outside the 4 year warranty, when my 3 years were up they sent the renewal letter that said if you don’t do something it will auto renew. So i’m still paying for my battery 4.5 years on.

No it was not purchased new, it was a year old.

I’ve now had my brilliant little Twizy for just over a year. At the moment I can’t see myself selling it. Other cars in my ‘fleet’ come and go, but not the Twizy.

I’ve just signed up for 3 years with RCI so let’s hope the Twiz is reliable - it’s out of warranty being four and a half years old.

My lease is up this determined not to pay any wa y or another.

This has happened to me, no lease expiring letter, it expired in October, HPi check confirms that they have removed finance off the car so it is clear. Have chased this however they seem very uninterested.

Anyway the car is up for sale now with no battery lease

I don’t want to spoil your party, however I suppose that the battery is still owned by Renault or by RCI.

Some bloke in Scotland is selling one, claiming Renault are not charging after 4 years… it seams common… good idea with the HPI…