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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Battery owned Twizy on ebay!

just saw this - insurance right off or something


Category S means the vehicle has been written-off by the Insurers (usually because there is structural damage) as the repair costs are higher than the market value. With regard to that Twizy it would need to be very cheap and I cannot see why, if the battery was not damaged, Renault Finance don’t still retain ownership of the battery. My rental agreement says I am resposible for making sure that I insure the battery if it is damaged. You cannot buy a battery so did the insurers in this case pay out for the battery, which was then used in the rebuilt Twizy?

Hi Andrew, this is my first post so I hope you can help me.
I went to look and drive this actual vehicle yesterday and then did an hpi check on it this morning. It came back as a cat n write off in Nov 2018 with a finance query on the battery.
How can a cat s become a cat n?
.Is this a post from 2019 ?
Any ideas or suggestions please?
Thanks. Jane.

Hi Jane
Interesting! As far as I am aware, and my research, so far has confirmed, that a car cannot be re-classified, (but I am happy to stand corrected, if anyone knows better) so the change from Category S to N, is a mystery, unless of course the advert description was wrong in the first place. The HPI query on the battery suggests to me that the battery still belongs to Renault Finance and the fact there is no current lease agreement in place, is probably because the initial 3 year agreement has expired (2015 reg car so agreement ends in 2018) and Renault Finance are unaware who the current owner is after the car was written off. Once a car is written off it becomes the property of the insurance company, except of course in the case of a UK Twizy where the battery still belongs to Renault. I would suspect whoever buys that repaired Twizy will have Renault on their case in respect of the battery, if the car ever visits a Renault delers again or if they find it has been re-taxed.
Having said that though, I understand Renault dealers do not share service and repair data unlike almost every other manufacturer. I am almost certain that any UK Twizy offered without a battery lease is only because Renault Finance have lost track of the ownership and don’t know who to chase for the lease payments. Certainly in the UK you cannot buy the battery that is installed in your car, you will see on this forum, that people have asked the question but the answer has always been an emphatic no.
If you are considering buying this repaired Twizy I would want to know presicely who had repaired it and exactly what work had been done, and have the information proved and supported by invoices for that work. If it was just tarted up by Fred in a shed, I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. I would also get an engineers report on the car and I would certainly want written confirmation from Renault Finance that there are no outstanding lease payments on the battery. Otherwise there could be many nasty surprises waiting for you in the future. A category N car can also cost more to insure than one with a clean history, you also receive a lot less if it is stolen or written off again.
If I can give you any further help, by all means message me [email protected]
Best wishes,

Just re-read your post and yes my post was in July 2019. Also I can spell precisely!!!

Forget trying to insure the Twizy. It has to be worth it for the Battery. Stop renting and return it and stick this one in. If Renault check up on yours being re-taxed or even going in to a dealers then as they have records of your battery being returned they will assume you have made one. :thinking:

Hi - I’ve just been to have a look at this vehicle and wondered whether you could remember anything at all about the ad as the seller purportedly refutes the listing.

He denies he ever listed it?

Err in simple language quote

“ Regarding the advert. That does not look like a genuine ad. For 1 it’s listed as cat s which is incorrect and the mileage does not match up with what it is currently on.’

Which is why I wondered if you could recall it, particularly details and price as I think listings on eBay’s servers are removed after 90 days.

Incidentally the mileage on the May MOT was 456 so it’s possible it could be in the 900’s by July.

Amazing, this is the one I went up to Blackburn to look at and it has now turned up on eBay again via a different seller. This is the Twizy I did an hpi check on which disclosed it had been a cat n write off in Nov 2018 and there was outstanding finance on the battery despite having been listed as ‘battery owned’.

Hi… this twizy is back on ebay again…this has to be a con me thinks…

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