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Battery purchase of your Twizy Battery

So here is the way it works. If your fail to renew your battery rental and do not return the battery in 7 days then you have to pay for the battery at cost price - 10% for each year.

Battery is £2770 new and so 3 years down the line it is worth about £2k. Or 3.7 years of payments at £45.

Pros - you have no mileage limitations and no worries about battery insurance. Should be easier to sell as it is sold with battery included.

Cons - No flat bed option, not battery repairs.

Renault state they expect the battery to last 10 years before it needs work to bring it back over 75%. Details for this came form a Renault dealer, who had to decide what to do with their demo but they were only paying £25 a month and thought that over 9 years pay back was too long.

So what do I do?

That’s interesting. Where did you get that information from. Is it from Renault RCI.
It’s a difficult decision. But I suppose after 4 years it makes sense to buy the battery since the warranty has run out and all the benefits like flatbed etc are gone.
@osbrook. What are you thinking of doing. Have you got to make a decision. Please keep us informed.

My agreement ends on May 29th and so far I’ve heard nothing from Renault about what happens. I will be cancelling my direct debit as soon as the final payment goes out of the bank.

Regarding the above (if you do not return the battery within 7 days) - I was told by Renault that the Twizy would have to be taken to a dealer to have it removed. So, being able to meet that 7 day deadline could prove difficult if there is no availability at the dealer. Also, I suspect most dealers won’t have a clue how to remove it anyway.

So do you intend not to use your Twizy after cancelling the dd. It will be interesting to see what line of action Renault will take after the cancellation. Please keep us informed.

The Renault Dealer is from way North of me - DSG.

RCI will write to you asking for the battery price but I believe they give you the chance to settle the outstanding balance and continue on a monthly contract. Otherwise I suppose it is classed as theft - of their battery.

How long before the contract end do RCI contact expiring contract owners?

This is what I’d like to do, one of the following:

  1. Purchase the battery for £1000 or less.
  2. Continue to rent it for £10/£15 per month with a 1500 annual mileage limit.

As the two above options are unlikely (based on previous conversations with them) then I’m more than happy to return the battery as I’m obviously not going to steal it, but I will be returning it on a pallet to their chosen address to prevent them from taking anything else other than the battery since all the cabling and anything else other than the battery belongs to me.

If they say I have to return the battery with the vehicle then we’re going to have a disagreement because I’m not taking my car to their dealer and having to pay to have it brought home on a trailer.

This is going to be an interesting test case. Please do let us know what happens.

How does that add up?
After 3 Years I have paid 36 x £49 = £1764
So a Battery worth £2770 minus my 3 Years @ £1764 = £1006 Remaining???


My agreement will expire soon, but I will just keep it up as long as I have the car.
To get it into perspective I bet many of you pay more for your mobile phone than this little car :slight_smile:

However you have had the optional roadside assistance included in that payment. The Battery only losses 10% of it’s initial price a year. Therefore for the 3 years at £45 I’ve owned the Twizy:-
£2770 - 10% = £2493
£2493 - 10% = £2244
£2244 - 10% = £2019

So £2019 remaining Battery price. Another 4 years lease at £45 = £2160 so saving just £141.

The questions are:-
Will I keep the car at least another 4 years?
Will the battery last another 4 years?
If it doesn’t what can I do to fix it?

I’m not bothered about flat bed as I haven’t needed it yet, I have access to a car with Trailer and I’m a member of the RAC for ‘normal’ brake downs.

Still cannot decide which way to go.

Surely it only represents a saving if, after an additional 4 years, you end up owning the battery. Does continuing the lease guarantee 70% of original capacity? That might still work for us (ours seems to have lost about 10% in its first 3 years, but I don’t know how linear lithium battery degradation is).

How does that show up? Do only 9 battery bars light up?

Quite right. The saving would be more beyond year 4. So it would depend on how long I keep the car and if it is worth more when older hving it’s own battery. People are more likely to buy a ‘toy’ if it is a one off payment.

No, not yet. We do lose the first bar more quickly and feel we have lost about 4 miles of average range, but other than the first one the “miles per bar” seems to be stable at between 4 and 5 miles. We rarely run it down to less than 3 bars, so we’re not actually much affected by the degradation except for “routine” (i.e. non-flatbed!) service trips to our dealer who is increasingly “on the limit” of what we can do, especially in cold weather. Fortunately, as it turns out, while our dealer (says he) can’t actually MOT a Twizy, our local garage (5 miles away) can! He’s also getting as much of our “wear and tear” servicing as possible now.

I had this happen a lot on the 2 second bar! However after a couple of chargers where I let the fans run on after the dash goes out, until the fans cut out the battery appears to have re-balanced it’s self and the bars are more even.
How far have your Twizy(s) gone now?

Our “own” has now done 10,436. The one on Eigg nearly 6,000, the one in Cornwall just over 5,000 with most of the other eight between 4,000 and 5,500. One has managed to blag a new battery - if only I could find out how. :smile:

I have a full charge history for ours which I will one day get round to transcribing into a spreadsheet. I should be able to get a better handle on degradation and its effect (if any) on our wall watt-hours per mile - though that figure depends a lot on how much of a hurry we’re in and whether we’re one or two-up.

We’re looking into whether and how we could fund the building of our own version of an “OSV Tabby” (Google it if you haven’t already). It’s aiming to create a quadracycle “kit” from standardised parts that can be assembled by local builders with a target price of 6,000 Euros and a range and speed comparable with a Twizy. It’s a side-by-side with flexible body shape and I doubt it will be as efficient as the Twizy but it should be efficient enough and, if it ever makes it, offer more choice.

I think my battery has degraded slightly, but not yet at a point of concern, my Twizy is approaching 10,000 miles.
I do have a diagnostic tool, that can go into the battery charger system etc, will post some pics up one day of what is there to see.

Interest change to battery degradation. The big EV’s like the leaf loose battery bars. However none of us have experienced this one the Twizy. Theirs appears anywhere between 15K miles and 30K miles. So we have a way to go if the Twizy is on the same scale.

But degradation is key to know before buying a used battery (or a Twizy with a battery)

Here is the renewal letter I have received from RCI Finance today:

There is no option to buy the battery mentioned anywhere in the paperwork!