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Battery purchase of your Twizy Battery

We just purchased the battery for our 2016 twizzy for £2045 still waiting for the paperwork

Could you provide more details? What you did to convince RCI to release the lease?

It’s My Sons Twizy As MUCH As I Know IS That His Battery Lease Was UP For Renewal HE Didn’t REALISE After About Nearly A Year HE Had A Call From Renault Saying He Had To Renew OR Buy The Battery For £2045 so he bought the battery just waiting for the letter from them to say they have no further interest in the battery, I hope this helps

I thought these were automatic renewals and some one had to pay even if it was the last owner.

Ok, i know they auto enroll you, but of you’re savy enough to not allow the direct debit to come out, what else can they do but send letters demanding payment.

If you’re as unresponsive as they are at replying to letters/calls then i can imagine this scenario happening. My lease is due for renewal in March, in their letter they gave no new contract, no new terms and conditions.
Legally i have a feeling they dont have much to stand on if you wanted to kick up a fuss and look at contract law. Especially how you have no option but to accept whatever they decide to charge without recourse.

I have been looking through the contract. One of the things I find most concerning is that the battery rental agreement makes reference to the vehicle in such:
“payment to us of the difference, if any, between (i) the sum of the Rentals due up to the date the Battery and Vehicle are returned following your Early
Who owns the vehicle? It would appear that this is not just a contract of battery rental, but the ‘purchase’ of the vehicle is only a purchase of a (for want of a better word and relating it to housing) Leasehold!?

yep , i refused to renew the contract with rci , so they sent me a letter to say they would enter into a one year contract with me for 45 per month without my agreement.

i have to pay , although i plan to remove the battery and return.

Hi Luka,
If you haven’t eaten what I said about the batteries … look my and watch the clip on the home made battery … find me mitaka_m @yahoo.com

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I recently asked RCI when/if we would be able to buy out of the battery rental, this was the reply:

Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your e-mail, although we understand it will soon be possible to purchase the batteries in all Renault Electric vehicles we have not been advised on the process as of yet.
Once this has been confirmed we will contact all our customer accordingly with the relevant information.
Kind Regards,

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After receiving advice from several very helpful members on the Twizy forum I am pleased to say I FINALLY managed to purchase my batteries from RCi. So no more payments every month, year after year. This is their main comment in writing to me several emails ago:

“I do feel the need to make you aware that we are currently working on a project to offer a buy-out option on all Renault battery hire Agreements. There is no exact timescale for this but in the coming months we would look to write to all our current lease customers to offer a purchase price”

I have the very helpful guy I managed to discuss the whole scenario with so if you PM me I’m happy to pass on the information.

Just nice to know the entire vehicle is finally “lease free”.



If you buy direct from Renault now online, you’re buying a Twizyi. It’s £11,500 and as far as can be deduced includes the battery.

I still recon the 2019/20 twizy that West London was selling for £5995 was a very good deal. With a full price battery of £2772, you had a fully battery owned brand new car with warranty for sub £9k.

Yes it was a good deal, I tried to buy it!

I contacted RCI about my lease and this was their reply.

Let us know how this progresses, Peter.

I have written to Renault today.

In the UK what battery replacement options do we have? I have spoken to one company abroad that was mentioned on here (trying to remember who) but they did not have any route to ship to the UK. The 1 yr warranty offered by some seems quite short for what is a cottage industry produced battery.

Also interested to know if controllers need to be swapped if there is any performance or range advantages/

I think the ZeroEV folks are our best bet here in the UK. Although there’s no obvious mention of Twizy, it’s in there somewhere as they offered a 10 or 12kWh replacement as a Plug&Play swap, albeit for a chunky fee.


Dear R1NGA,
Do have any idea how much it will cost for Twizy Main battery from. zeroEV team

… the website you need is ZeroTwiz and they are quoting;

10.6kWh battery @£4200
12.6kWh battery @£4600

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Not only has it gone up 2k since this post…

I knew I recognised it. It was used at the Eden Project - same graphics, reg and Twizy logos.

I have heard, originally any big fleet purchases from companies were offered full purchase.
So now they no longer use it at the Eden Project - it have been relisted as a “new” old car by Renault.

Wonder how having pitchforks thrown in it and driving through mud all day in a humid greenhouse effected the performance?!

Hello all. Over the past few days I have been browsing this thread and I am very tempted by a twizy as a town runaround, however this battery rental charge seems crazy. Is there a way for me to get a quote to purchase the battery outright before I buy a used car, and if I did and it failed are there aftermarket options available? It seems like there are a few “plans” out there but nothing concrete.


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