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Battery Rental

Hi All,

It’s been a while but we’re back looking for a Twizy.

The prices seemed to have dropped a fair amount, we’re looking at a couple of ex-demos Colours between £3,700 to £4,000, I’m actually quite glad I didn’t order one back in 2012 as I can now buy outright rather than go through Renault’s finance scheme.

Quick question on the battery lease though…

You can take a lease out from 12 months to 60 months. I’m intending to keep the Twizy for some time but if I took the 60 month deal and my circumstances change am I still liable if I sell it on?

Sorry if this is a basic question but Renault’s website isn’t the clearest and the dealerships don’t seem the most confident…


Hi Nick

If you sell it on then you need to complete the Renault form to transfer the battery rental to the next person or dealer.


If you choose 36 month instead of 60 month there is no disadvantage. The prices drop from 12 month to 36 month, but then they are constant. So i took 36 month and will extend the contract after that if neccesary.

Thanks guys!

Seems rather pointless in them selling different contract lengths then if I’m just transferring ownership?

Any risk of coming to the end of an agreement and Renault not offering a renewal but asking for the battery back or me to pay a large invoice to buy the battery?


In the contract that i have the renewal is quite well described. Renault works towards providing a battery for the whole vehicle life and is interested in extending the contract and so on.

Okay - so probably worth going with a 36 month contract and then hoping at renewal time that they might actually reduce the rental costs with technology moving forward etc etc…

Had some differing quotes to have the windows and parrot Bluetooth supplied and fitted too.

Windows - £375 and awaiting the second dealer price

Bluetooth - £300 and £199

Wife seems quite keen on windows… Whats the opinion of official Renault ones or aftermarket?

Also would you say having the Bluetooth is worth it?

My View - Forget the windows and buy a better coat. The windows add a lot of noise and feed the rain in. I’ve had mine 18 months and use it in all weathers. Never got wet enough to need to get changed or dried off while driving.

Bluetooth is up you and how long a journey is. If it is short then what’s the point? But sometimes you just want to play some music.


Thanks for the advice Chris!

I thought £375 sounded a little steep - A Belstaff jacket seems reasonable in comparison! :wink:

Bluetooth would be more for music.


I’d suggest you consider not having Bluetooth fitted as a safety feature. The external noise can be high (from other road users) and in view of the restricted viewpoints - I hear approaching vehicles and are aware of them even without squinting through the mirrors.

Due to the considerable cost of BT and the minimal time you’ll spend actually IN it (not that comfy) I’m convinced you’ll rue the money spent on it.

I don’t have the Bluetooth kit. I do have some cheaper Bluetooth speakers in the speaker pods (self fitted) I use with my Phone for Music. Cost less £30 including cables to recharge them.

As for the coat. I have a normal walking shell type top over by office work shirt. Nothing fancy. You don’t get wet while driving, well the passenger might. When it got very cold last winter I used my Motorbike jacket. To keep dryer fit the mudguards on the front wheels £30 again easy self fit.

All new still a huge saving.

Resurrecting a slightly old thread here… I went to the dealer today to test drive and ask some questions. The former went well, the latter not quite so much. Can anyone tell me what the advantage of taking out a 12 or 24 month battery contract is? (as against the cheaper 36 month?)

Thinking of it like a mobile phone contract, you’d be entitled to an upgrade sooner, and own the phone sooner. But with battery rental I can’t see what relevance the length of the contract has, especially since it seems like it’s transferrable to a new owner anyway? What have I missed?

The benefit is price vs commitment. When you sell, you then cancel the contract. A trade in means the dealer takes it. You do genuinely save by taking the 36 month option.

Ah OK, so if I take 36 month contract but sell the car privately after, say, 24 months, I have to cancel the battery contract - presumably at some cost to me? Does it say how much the cancellation is, if I don’t trade it with Renault? (I actually have no plans to sell the car after 24 months, but who knows what the future holds…!?)

No - when you sell you are selling the contract too, and the new owner takes it on. Because of this, there is no financial penalty.

Cool, 36 months it is then! Thanks.