Battery top up when not accelerating

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When not accelerating, it looks like the energy is going back in to top up the battery. Do you know how much this actually puts back in, or is it more of a gimmick and only gives you a mile or so extra at best.

Around 10% or 4 miles total over the full range on a Twizy (say 44 miles). However being a little more specific the Regen is varied across the speed range.
0-7.5mph - No regen
8- 14 mph - Highest regen setting for a standard Twizy
14 -52 mph - low regen.

However all these can be tweaked by an additional device that also allows the removal of the speed limiter and power input.

When Max regen is set then you would need to add a relay to operate the brake lights. Not a standard fitting on he Twizy.

I don’t has specific KW values - sorry. It will not exceed what the charger puts in as it users part of the same system.

[quote=“osbrook, post:2, topic:1218, full:true”] It will not exceed what the charger puts in as it users part of the same system.

I wondered about that, but read somewhere that since the regen has to come from the traction controller it can handle much higher currents. Certainly our Kangoo Van - which displays the kilowatts being taken out of or put back into the battery will cheerfully put in much higher power (20kW to 30kW) than the charger ever could. The Twizy battery does need protecting from high input currents when it is close to “full”, so presumably either the controller has to “know” that, or some independent part of the battery management system must be able to override it.

@ecofunkytravel I stand corrected. It can regen at a higher rate than the charger. It is dependent on the motor and the software.

I should also point out that some tweaks made to the regen settings have damaged the batteries in France. Possibly the BMS rather than the cells but does provide a warning about over charging on regen.

As for regen rates on other EV’s the Kia Soul can regen at 80KW (seen) but it does have a 100KW capable charging circuit - not that any charge points can supply that - yet. (exclude super chargers as Tesla only)

thanks for this, interesting topic then and looks like a few of the add ons can make a difference as well

It is a shame some of those hills I go down at close to 60 mph would slow me down and do some real regen :smile: