BBC documentry - EV

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-I am working on a film for Inside Out London looking at London getting ready for the governments decree that all cars should be electric in 20 years! Its a crazy challenge that few think can be achieved. So, we are off to meet the Londoners fighting to make it happen.

What I’m looking for is 4-5 people, places, campaigners that are working on promoting the electric car. We’ll tie them all together with me on a simple little journey in an electric car meeting each one. It could be a someone at creating new projects, it could be an expert working on a super small battery… it could be a group of electric car fans etc… but the question is ‘how ready is London for an electric car boom, what needs to happen - we meet the pathfinders’ Also anyone that would like an EV but cant get access to charging points or finding it too expensive to afford to buy one? The good and the bad stories most welcome please! Email [email protected]

London always London

Same issues for All EV drivers - Infrastructure. Even in areas where there are charge points they belong to too many different companies and need too man card or apps to use them. No easy way like at a Petrol station where you turn up and pay for what you get.

Even worse if you travel away from London or Milton Keynes. There are still large parts of the country where there are no charge points or not nearly enough. No standardisation of the connectors - nightmare. And that is all for standard EV’s Most on this site drive Twizy’s and they need a standard 3 pin socket. However charge points don;t have these.

The other issue with the lack of public charge points is people with no off the road parking are unable to charge their EV.

Still having said all that I’m not giving up my EV.

@osbrook I think in their defence this is actually the BBC London programme, perhaps their colleagues around the country will do the same and we could hear from them.

Still the comments that followed still apply. Even Londoners will have the issues travelling outside London.