Been driving in a thunderstorm

Yesterday there was a summer thunderstorm wetting the dry lands arround here. Made 100km/60miles in the T with Renault windows on.
I must say I am impressed as how little water gets in. More of sprays of water from time to time when the storm reached its peak.
Must be the new tires because the ride was stable and the drive pleasant. No sliding or other wet road problems.
Just the breaks when soaking wet nedded a firm leg at first to get them working.
But appart from that I am really surprised how trouble free it was.

Did you get a free charge by a thunder strike? :stuck_out_tongue:

If the movie was correct and doc Browns calculations accurate, you would have been sent back to the future!

Gasp. I have missed that window.
Would be great having the sports almanac doc had :wink:

Nevermind that.
A few dozen of those on sale in eBay;)

60miles in the dry on a single charge is amazing never mind in the rain.

I was bored tonigth and tried to drive as efficient as possible. In low humidity no wind,dry and 13-14 degress celsius, and without going over 1 bar on the powermeter (basicly driving between 20-35 km/h.) Drove for over 2 hours and obtained 76 km with 34% charge left when i plugged it into a charger. If my math is correct i could probably have made around 115km. However did not have to stop a single time on a red ligth or anything, and dont think i used the brake at all, just the normal regeneration. Not practial at all tho, just wanted to see how far i could get. On normal driving i end up having to charge after 60-70km.

@osbrook I live in a coastal region. Our streets are pretty plain, straight and long.
There are few hills and no semaphores - just roundabouts.
And I had to drive cautiously or at least I don’t have the confidence to drive fast in the T yet.