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Belgium calling

hi there!

I am Lieven from Belgium and I expect my Twizy later this year! I am so looking forward to it, my testday was pure fun :slight_smile:

I hope to find some useful tips on this forum for automating my doors and adding some led-lights
after all, this seems to be the only decent forum (worldwide!) about the Twizy
if you like some more info about me, you are welcome to ask :wink:
I will post some pictures of my Twizy when it’s here


Hi and welcome, hope we can be of help. I am sure you will love the Twizy, when does it arrive, and which spec do you have. ?

It Will be a white technic 45
it is called here a 45 because we are metric :wink:
it can do 45kmh or 30mph, which means you can drive it without a drivers license. The twizy is bought for my girlfriend who hasn’t got a license.
but I will use it as well, as it is great fun to drive :slight_smile:

We have Twizy 45 here too, I have yet to see one.
In the UK we are a bit slow to catch on with such things, but once a few teenagers get the message, a few may be sold. It is way safer than a moped.
It is a shame the 45 cannot be made to go faster when a licence is achieved.

Exactly. I can’t see many youngsters wanting to drive a Twizy that can only go 30mph. That’s way too slow for our roads.

Curiously, in Portugal you can drive the 80 version (althought they do hit 85km\h) without a license…

But it is a Moped replacement which is supposed to be limited to 30MPH. Parents would be much happier with their offspring using the Twizy rather than a moped. Unless it was a technique to reduce costs and family size!

Are mopeds limited to 30mph?! The ones round my way certainly aren’t.

I just can’t see many parents forking out for one. It’s a very expensive alternative when you consider how high the insurance will be on top of the list price. And the fact that they can’t be used above 30mph in the future is a massive sticking point.

All very true, but mopeds are supposed to be limited to 30mph. I can’t see any parent forking out for a new restricted Twizy. Those that can afford it will buy a ‘propor’ car as driving lessons.

in Belgium, you can drive a Twizy or moped that is limited to 30mph from the age of 16
for the other version, you need a full license and at least 18y old
my girlfriend hasn’t got a license and doesn’t want to get one, so the 45 is the only option
i prefer the 80, but i will still drive this one for fun

which leaves me a question: is it possible to “overwrite” the 45 rule and make it a 80, doing it myself?

Apparently not as the 45 has a smaller motor & battery pack than the 80.
Dont take this as gospel, as I only read it on the net :slight_smile:

The whole point of the 45 is can be driven by a 16yo WITHOUT any legal requirement for a licence (but not, however, insurance). Dunno if anyone has found an underwriter able to give them a quote!