Best side windows?

The video shows some locking side widows (you need doors). Available at (least they were) on ebay. This are the best fitting I have found.


Ebay link (German) Ebay Item.

It depends on the use. I will be using my Twizy all through the winter like I did on the Motorbike. For me the windows in winter would help.

If you do not have doors on yours, you may not have seen how these windows are fitted. The inside door card has 3 large screws/ bolts just below the top edge. These are unscrewed and the window dropped into place before refitting the screws. This means it is not a big job to fit or remove the windows.

Today while I was out the rear seat got very wet, not the driver though, as I don’t usually have a passenger I would not fit the windows until late on in the year and remove them March time. A bit like when I used to fit the inner to my motorbike coat and trousers.

I didn’t like the ‘sail’ type windows on the Twizy as it makes it too slow to get in and out. Therefore it has to be a ridged window. The ones in the video are the best fitting. there are others that leave a hole at the front to get your hand in to open the door and for ventilation and do not curve down round the back of the door. finestrinirenaulttwizy (Italy)

We will all have different needs and these appeared to be the best of the current ones. By the time I want some there may well be others.

Let us know how you solve the problem if it is a problem in the winter.


Thanks for the heads up Chris.

I’m going to see how long I can last without windows in the winter, will just wrap up extra warm like motorbike riders do anyway.

I’m hoping Renault will at some point offer an official window accessory, or at least that some very high quality third party ones will become available. I can’t help but think plastic windows cheapen the look of the car.

As soon as I have my Twizy (I’ve currently got the dealers’ one as mine was delayed) – I’m going to probably get windows.

At the moment, I’m looking at the Italian firm that offers both hard and soft windows. Together I think you get a set for £500 or thereabouts…



Twizy delays. We know all about those. Mine took 47 days from order to delivery. The problem lies in the way they are shipped. As you will have seen the Twizy arrives on a metal palette wrapped in plastic like a washing machine.

Now there were two problems getting them to the UK

  1. they ran out of palettes
  2. they didn’t have a lorry load.

The only problem I can see with the windows is that you can’t wind them down!

What if you get too hot, or you need to insert a ticket into a machine etc. Would be a pain in the arse to keep opening the door.

But then again I guess it’s swings and roundabouts!

Actually, mine has been delayed due to the idiocy of the local dealer and the kid who sold it me.

But yes, some big delays!

As for the windows: I’m torn between these (they do hard and soft windows) and [url=]these (soft windows only).

Here (In French) Are some better priced hard framed soft windows for the Twizy. No drilling holes or glueing pads to the frame. However they are windows you take out and roll up! See the pictures (there are more than the 3)

I read about all the windows available for Twizy in this blog
The best solution so far seems to be the Italian version. The Spanish has very poor reviews on ebay while the French solution is cheaper but not really appealing. The windows from Milan seem to be the only ones with a proper guarantee (if there is anything wrong you can get them replaced), european certifications, plus in the same blog they are making a bulk order so that each buyer would get a very interesting discount (not to mention that shipping to the UK is free).
Considering the cost of these window solutions (more or less they all cost the same and they are not cheap at all) I would rather go for a company that gives me proper guarantees instead of risking to buy a hand-made product from somebody that won’t even refund me if they break after one trip.

From Twitter - Andy Heiron ‏@electricandy[[/FONT]Osbrook@RenaultZE** Chris - are you referring to windows for Twizy? I expect pricing and availability next week; but all looks promising****I wasn’t but **** all the same.**](“”)

best windows are those from
nice to know: they are the supplier for Renault as well…
(just saves you money if you buy them direct)
pictures available on:

Does anyone know of the dimensions for the Twizy window opening, or where I might get it? I haven’t got mine yet to check it.

Today it has not stopped raining and we got slightly wet on our way to kingston, the rain was driving in on an angle. So we are now looking into the best window solution. I like the idea of the locking window system, not 100% sure on the flappy roll down windows though.

I got a call from Renault UK on another subject but he mentioned that Renault were releasing Windows towards the end of October. This I have been waiting for. Anyone else got a hint yet?

I’m a G-wiz owner and looking to but a twizy but the windows issue is stopping me. I’ve looked at the twizy and the only possible windows that would work on it would be similar to G-wiz ones i.e. ones that slide back and forth and with window locks (to protect your pay and display ticket etc).
I called Renault UK and asked them about windows being released in October but they said no. Apparently legislation forbids windows if the vehicle doesnt have a fan. The G-wiz has one which is useless but now I realise they only added it to allow windows being installed.
Can you confirm this about Renault releaing windows?

Hi, If you need any advice or have any questions on my version just ask as I am the designer and manufacturer. Although mine dont have a lock on them I’ve watched various folk round Glasgow try to open the doors and because the Velcro edge can be pushed under the Twizy Frame they in effect lock in place…so far seems to have bamboozled the average teenage prowler and nobody has sussed how to open them!

Hi Trevor. Renault are regularly in my site checking out my designs. So much so a reporter who ran an article on my windows for Auto Express called them to find out more. They admitted they had been on my site and hoped to have their own design out by the end of the year ( if that helps )!

Hi Flipper, see my other post below. I can recommend my design of windows ( of course Im biased ) which are on about 70% of the time now but just to re-confirm Renault have intimated they may have their own design out around the end of the year.

Hi Roger, Unfortunately the company who manufacture my windows created a jig from the cardboard template I gave them without drawings otherwise I would have been happy to send you the specs-sorry cant be more help!

Hi Flipper, Take a look at mine at You can use ticket machines without opening doors and I’ve safely left parking tickets inside- folk dont know how to open the doors with the windows in place as the velcro seals them shut ( the apertures by the mirrors negate the need for a fan but are still secure enough ).

Hi, Take a look at my design, good compromise between the two I would say…any questions just ask…cheers Andy