Best Twizy Deals at the Moment?

Hi guys, Martin from Glasgow here. I’ve been looking at Twizy pcp offers and the one below caught my eye:

I assume I then need to add the cost of a battery lease which will take me to just over £100 per month. Is this the best I can expect against a new car? I don’t have any £££ in the pot to buy privately as my wife has just had a baby and this will be a second car for me to commute in.

Any advice much appreciated.



I would definitely not buy brand new due to the depreciation and there are plenty of good deals on 2nd hand cars, however with your finances as they are this may be the better way to go.

You may also find a good finance deal on a dealer car that may be a year or two old with next to no milage as well as an option?

I use mine as a second car purely to commute to the station and it works great for this

It’s not a bad deal if you have no £££ to put down. But having said that , taking into consideration your £59 deposit and £149 at the beginning and at the end of your contract, that works out to roughly £25 a month for the period of the contract. If I remember right battery rental for 5K miles a year is £50 or £55. So altogether you are talking roughly £135 a month, not just over £100 a month.
The other thing is make sure it’s a Technic with doors. It didn’t say on the advert and if I remember right a Technic with doors will be just over £8K, not the £7595 as listed, unless that’s a discounted price.

Thanks for the replies - I would pay the deposit and finance fees with cash so essentially it would be the £59 plus £45-£50 battery rental so essentially £110 which seems not bad although I can probably get a new Smart Fortwo at that price. Hmmmm

Looks like your choice comes down to fuel costs and coolth, then! :grinning: