Best Twizy Windows?

I know this topic has been covered before but I’ve not read a definitive preference from anyone in previous threads which were from some time back:

I am going to buy side windows for my Twizy (yes, I’ve bought one) and want to decide between the Elia ones and the Twy Rain ones as they don’t seem to leave any open areas when sealed. Anyone able to share their experiences with these?

No windows. Had my Twizy 6 years used daily and never felt the need for Windows after the first few days

Snow on the seat was the only issue but soon cleared.

Unfortunately I plan on taking a “pillion” fairly regularly. I myself am a biker.

I’m not an owner yet but did see some windows on YouTube made in Spain that even had sliding window sections they looked great …

Saw them too but look very clunky when you see the video as they’re so awkward to flip out when you want to open the doors.

Like I said in my original post there seems to be no consensus on this forum as to which are best and nobody has posted of their longer term experiences of using any of them - hence the post.

I bought Elia. You have to drill the doors to fit them, but you can then remove them, or fit them in seconds flat. I use my Twizy in rain, snow and down to minus 5 or so, and even the passenger is in reasonable comfort.

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Looks like there is a gap at the rear of the door with these

There is a small gap, as the bottom edge of the window is straight, while the door curves downward. Theoretically you could add a piece, but I haven’t bothered. I have the windows on almost permanently from November till February.

These are the windows I have and sell. Original from Renault. They’re only available in Korea.

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Hi, do you still sell these windows?

Hi Richard, yes, windows are still available.

How much, where do i buy and are they these?

Yes, those are the same windows. You can send me your email and I’ll send you an invoice through PayPal for 465euro with shipping included.

Do they have velcro or magnetic and any more details you can send me please?

Hi Richard, I sent you a DM with more pictures.