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Best Western Best for Charging in UK

Best Western will have 50 locations in the UK with Charging Stations by the end of May 2013. The Charging Stations allow eco-friendly electric car owners to charge up their car’s battery by plugging into the latest, future-proofed power.

Working alongside Zero Carbon World (ZCW), the no-nonsense charity committed to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint, bosses at Best Western have pledged that its green campaign will roll out to include half of its 270 hotels by September this year.


Hope they still have a 13A socket! :razz:

I hope Nikki gets the 16A charging and Type 2 socket upgrade working… that would really transform the Twizy and allow drivers to use all the new public charging locations in the UK.

So that’s a “no” then? Hopefully, any hotel hospitable enough to offer EV charging won’t mind charging a Twizy through the window. I guess I disagree about the transformative effect of being able to charge a Twizy from empty in 2 hours instead of 3, but I’m looking to save energy. :razz:

13A is not ‘supported’ in public charging locations and if the shift to newer vehicles doesn’t kill it then the insurance industry surely will. We are all earlier adopters and must expect everything to change and our vehicles to be quickly outdated by improved technology.

My EV does not natively support Type 2 but rather than deny myself a chance to charge I purchased an adapter and can now charge at all public locations :slight_smile:

Today yes but it’s clear from recent SMMT meetings what the insurance industry thinks about this… it’s only a matter of time IMO.

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