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Better seats needed!

Last saturday i went to a friends party ant took the twizy. The party was 75 km away - no problem whatsoever since i charged while at the party. Thing was the next morning my back ached a bit and when i looked in the mirror i saw i was bruised from the car seat!

I know the Twizy wasnt made to be confortable but this is ridiculous. I already was thinking on modifying the seats but right know its urgent. I know someone that works in car’s interiores and seats but i wanted to know if anyone has made any modification to the Twizy seat in order to make it more confortable. Replaced the seat? Changed the padding? Anyone?

Are you sure it was the seat that caused your bruising? Maybe you had too good a time at the party!!!
But seriously the seat is uncomfortable because I think it is too upright. Lucky most journeys in it are short so tolerable. Don’t forget any replacement seat has got to be water proof, or at least water resistant.

How bad are the roads in Portugal???
I have done 40 mile trips in the Twizy without any problems :slight_smile:


What seat type do you have? I recall there are 2 types - the standard plastic bucket which is in the Urban, or the padded colour co-ordinated ones in the Colour and Teknik.

I’d only experienced two, the padded and standard. I couldn’t believe the considerably more comfortable shock resistance that the padding provided - and smoother ride - the marks seem unrelated to the seat design - were you wearing braces?

Check your tyre pressures as they sound too high.

I had a Twizy Technic airborne and didn’t come away with bruises.

We’ve both had bruises (lower back) from the back seat after hitting very big hidden potholes, but none so far from the front seat.

I’d have to wonder if your seat is in some way broken? Push your thumbs into the padding and see if there is anything sticking out.

Sorry for only getting back to this. Tire pressures were ok - actually 0.2 bellow spec and to tell you the truth i will leave it that way. Its already unconfortable and raising tire pressure will only makke it worse. I know i loose a bit of autonomy but were i live its not a big diference. And unfortunatly the guy that will help me with this is off on vacations so i will get back to it in 2 weeks. Anyway, i guess no one has yet taken a crack at improving the seats then?