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BEVoB June 15, 2014

Hello folks!

Here’s a meetup in the bristol area some of you may be interested in! I’m sure if anyone wants to install an OVMS kit and needs help with it (the actual installation and perhaps firmware upgrade, plus having a go with the twizy controls) I may be able to help.

I say “may” because while I’ve done OVMS installations in my Twizy before (although I no-longer have it) I think we could probably play with some of the new settings which were released after I sold mine.

I also have a rear tyre for sale which you can for £5. Let me know if you want to come and pick it up at the event.

We had the last meet on Sunday: we had more than 20 EVs in attendance and 30+ people. Let’s see if we can get any better this time :slight_smile: