Beware Battery Rental When Selling

As some of you may know I sold my Twizy about a month ago. I sent my battery rental forms off the same day, and didn’t hear another thing. Today I decided to call them to see what was going on.

It turns out that my agreement was still in place, even though they’d taken out a new agreement with the buyer. They even took a payment from me after I’d sent them the forms.

I asked the girl on the phone why this was and she said that a note was sent to the cashiers department but they must have a backlog. That was about it.

They are now refunding me the £45 and cancelling my account. We will see if that actually happens or not. This is typical of this arm of Renault in particular (RCI), as well as the brand as a whole. I’m actually glad that this will be the last time I have to deal with them (hopefully).

So if you’re selling your Twizy, beware of RCI and follow up!

I had the same, but with the battery hire liability and finance not being cleared off the HPI register, which caused loads of grief when selling.

Hope you get it finally sorted.

Will you buy another in the long term or look at anything else electric, James?

Maybe if my situation changes I would consider buying another electric car, but I probably won’t bother with a Twizy unless you can buy the battery outright. I don’t think RCI even knew what they were doing half the time. Everytime I’ve rung them it’s like they’re a bunch of kids on work experience or something. I’d want to own a Twizy, but not be tied in to anything Renault.

I can second all of that :rolleyes: