Big Favour to Ask


I suffer with Crohns. Unfortunately nearly 4 years ago today I had to have major surgery and I have always been conscious of it. It’s a funny thing to live with, and many don’t understand the stigmas attached to it.

Anyway about a month or so ago I got involved with a campaign to raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease called #getyourbellyout. Its aim is to show that all walks of life can suffer with these illnesses. Sometimes it’s not always visible to people, but that person might be fighting a battle against the many forms of this illness.

Anyway here is where I need your help. The campaign is running a competition for a charity calendar. I lost complete control of my senses and have entered. The remit is you get your belly or your bum out.

It’s taken a lot of guts (literally) for me to expose what has been one of my biggest secrets. The reason I am posting this on here also is because I got Twz in on the act. The reason for this will become clear when I start my Twitter campaign.

So if you could please click the link to my picture and like the picture that would give me a chance of being in it, and giving more exposure to the Twizy!

Thanks in advance for your support.

Done. Good luck.

Thanks osbrook

Facebook has currently taken the whole competition down. :frowning:

So May have to post a new link at some point.

Thanks if anyone had tried since.


New voting page is here. Mine is number 44.

Feel free to vote for others. All for a good cause.

You’ve got mine.:razz:

Voted. 106 votes so far, I think you’re in the lead!

Thanks guys.

48 has got 129. Can we double vote:razz:

I think you can vote again on a different device. I picked a bad week to be off work and I have room full of computers.

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say I got in!

So a big thanks to all who voted!

Means a lot.

well done!!!