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Big Green Week's Electric Sunday, Sunday, 23 June, Bristol!

Hi Folks,

This is happening at the end of the month, and while I know not everyone can make it, it’ would be great to see some more Twizys there.


[FONT=Roboto]EV Convoy and Display – Electric Sunday, Bristol[/FONT]


[FONT=Roboto]Come and join in Bristol’s Electric Sunday on June 23. As well as the now famous Park Street Electric bicycle race, Bristol City Council, The Big Green Week and BEVoB are working together to hold the best display of EVs in the UK.

Meeting on the Bristol Downs from 9am for an all-electric EV breakfast. Anyone is welcome to arrive from 9am to 11am, and there’s going to have a cuppa too. (There’s no charging on the downs, however!) we’ll then form an EV-only convoy through Bristol at 11:30 ish, past some of its most famous buildings and finishing just at noon in front of @Bristol, where there will be EV charging and space to display your EV until 4pm.

Share your love of EVs with Bristol, tell folks about life without gasoline, and have loads of fun in the bargain. Oh, and join in Bristol’s Big Green Week!

Who’s coming then? (We’re working on making sure folks have charging, but if you want to come, add in your reply where you’re coming from and what (if any) power you’d need to get home again)

For Twizy Owners, I’m willing to help folks who want to park on the outskirts of town and then drive down? I’m assuming some of you may have trailers to bring them along and park up out of town?

Give me a buzz if you need more info: 07901 553308.



So… Is anyone coming? :wink:

Hi Nikki, Not able to make this one, sorry. I would love to come up but don’t have access to a trailer and live in North Devon (would take me ages to travel there and back with very few charge points in the area). Hope it all goes well.

Feel free to come without a twizy!

How many have you got to date for Sunday?

About 16 EVs so far.

Sorry mine is in for a service this weekend so cannot make it.

How did Sunday go?

I have seen a few Twizy’s in my area (Southend-on-Sea) lately but never when I am in mine!! Frustrating! So can we have a meet in the south-east?