BIG wheel arches

Now winter is but a week away…I am thinking about wheel arches.
I wanted to gather any info we have on how to install the best, when running non standard wheels.

I have 2 sets of arches at my disposal, and am thinking of using the original mounting hardware, just with a wider fender.

It appears Caterham or motorbike parts will be the route…
This does have that futuristic look to it…but not quite convinced.

Hi @Kwh-hunter,

I have kept the OEM wheel arches and frames, cut the outer lip off with a jigsaw and sanded the sawn edges smooth. I have had 165/45/16s fitted for 6 years now, and find the coverage sufficient to stop any stone flicking/adverse spray.

Hopefully the following photos gives you an idea for what I have done.

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That it the insight I was after. Thank you. hadn’t realised, as long as the wheel circumference is the same, then the arch will still fit, albeit not where it bends over the sidewall of the tyre. So remove the bend, and problem solved. My 195 45s are actually fractionally smaller than the standard, so I’ll be fine.

Can i ask where the f1 splitter and spoiler came from?

I did have to do a little bending of the arms to create sufficient clearance on the tyres an the inner wheel rim. The depth of your inner rim to the hub plate will also be a factor to consider . You will also have an extra 30mm beyond the edge of the arch with your tyres being 195.

I made the splitter and spoiler.

looks a great job and must control the spray from the tyres this time of year :thinking:

Oh, plus 25mm for the spacer. Think I might see if I can an arch over the original arch. Need to get them down from the loft and have an investigate.
The car is in pieces at the moment though!

The spacers may not make the wheels protrude much more as they just set the wheel nut fixing plate distance. I have spacers on mine and you have seen the effect.

I agree that you should get the original arches out and see if something is workable with them.

At one time, I did buy the Elia fibreglass arches (not cheap at €388). They are designed to be stuck on top of cut down originals. But I wasn’t happy with the way they looked and sold them through this forum.

Good luck and keep us posted with how you get on.

I looked at the elia option, and I wanted something smaller…and as you say, rather expensive.

From memory the plastic of the oem mudguard looked kind of glued on, so might try to melt it away and leave myself the mounting points.

What did you use to sand the edge of yours smooth? Just normal sand paper? Looks a neat job!


Yes, the OEM is glued on. I sanded with first 80 grade, finishing with 120.

In another thread this question was answered already. Together with links to the fender and a means of calculating the needed offset when using an adapter.

But for speeding things up: I also kept the original steel frame. Bought some aftermarket PP fenders. Those had a too wide radius. So I cut some of the sides off. That eased the bending. Also those fenders were too long. I shortened them. Glue was my friend when attaching the fenders on the frames. Here is the result:

Your car was part of the inspiration for my paint scheme! Very nice.

I am going to play with the mudguards today and see where I get.
Have ordered a motorbike fender to size up and see…and compare to cutting the originals ones down.


BTW: My edges around the door and on the mirrors is a wrap. Avery colorflow. At first I found it too dull, but it has grown on me.

sweet colour :heart_eyes:

I guess you had to sand the wingmirrors down.
I do have a spare set…so might follow your scheme and do the mirrors too. Although I do like the f1 style mirrors all little and carbon. And thats a weight saving / range enhancing mod!

Hi Pete, really nice looking Twizy :ok_hand: Has Twizy ownership been plane sailing for you, and have you had any issues that have been expensive or reoccurring?

Many Thanks :+1: