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Biggest total mileage

So just got my twizy (2016 model). Done 7000 miles on the clock. This is my only car and will probably do 6k miles a year. Anyone else using their twizy in the same way? And who has the most mileage with theirs?

I’m on 7k miles too and when returning to work physically, will use it again when i’m not cycling in (I was using the family ICE estate but it just didn’t sit right, esp. after my wife getting a Smart EQ). I’ll be doing more like 3 - 4k a year though.
I’ve read that some are on big mileage 50K plus, possibly some on this forum.

31,500 miles on my 2012 Twizy :grin:


creeping into 8000 miles 2012 Twizy.

This beauty is for sale at 68,000 miles