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Bike Rack?

Is there such a thing?


I don’t know much about it myself, but you can see that ecofunkytravel have fitted one to one of their Twizys. You can read about the project here.

Not sure where they got it from but I’m sure they’ll reply!

Ouch! Thanks looks interesting.

The modifications to Toro - now on the Island of Eigg - were pretty extensive (larger wheels, modified suspension as well as a luggage rack). You can order a flexible rack you can fit yourself from @Christian (see here). That should comfortably take one bike and other things at other times. We have an earlier version on our own Twizy and it works fine, though round here we tend to either ride the bike or drive the Twizy!

There is a French Twizy owner who makes different racks for the Twizy. Looks very good.

Just realised… it’s the same product as in your previous email!!!

Thanks a lot to @ecofunkytravel et @EricLafoy !

The rack bike I produce now is named “LetsGo” and comes from the experiences of the previews “TriGo” and “MultiGo” (thanks again @ecofunkytravel :wink: ) .
The main difference is that LetsGo is modular, you just buy what you need, and you can complete later.

  • The “basic” module is mandatory and provides a frame attached to the Twizy. It includes an upper arch that can be use as a rear roof bar.
  • The “rack” module is the one that will support a bike or a box or else, depending how you mount it on the frame.
  • The “front roof bar” module can complete the rear roof bar provided by the basic module.
  • The “no door” module is necessary for the Twizy that have no door but it can also be usefull for the ones that have doors because the link with the Twizy is much more stable.

Some contrainsts : 25 kg max. on the rack and 10 kg max.on the roof bars.

I hope my english is clear enough to be understood ! Sorry if not !

Hi @Christian, any idea where I can still get a bike rack for my Twizy? Seems like they aren’t on the website anymore.

Hi @iamlucasking
I recently stopped any production but I also tried to give people the elements to build a strong rack I named CarGo through 5 videos you can find below. But what are your needings ? Is it just to carry a bike ? In that case I could have an idea using a standard bike rack from the market but it needs to be tested…

Video 1 - The materials
[Url] https://lifeintwizy.blogspot.com/2018/04/make-cargo-part-1-materials.html9 [/ url]

Video 2 - The tools
[Url] https://lifeintwizy.blogspot.com/2018/04/make-cargo-part-2-tools.html2 [/ url]

Video 3 - Making the frame
[Url] https://lifeintwizy.blogspot.com/2018/04/make-cargo-part-3-frame.html7 [/ url]

Video 4 - Making the rearlight support

Video 5 - Manufacture of protective elements

[Img] https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-WAoXtOaURBk/WUPuV5jwfoI/AAAAAAAAG74/g9doVOFDGNEiXe9-ehsSA0kEcft4i7gXwCLcBGAs/s400/20170615_164526%2Bmin.jpg1 [/ img]

To this we can add the video of the installation on a Twizy
[Url] https://youtu.be/f3RE5yXLvaM5 [/ url]

and the test of CarGo for those who do not know.
[Url] https://youtu.be/_0i-2i21lgc19 [/ url]


Wow @Christian thanks for all the great resources! I’ll take a look in detail soon to better understand and shoot you any questions I have. To answer your question - yes, just a bike rack. I have a pretty minimal single gear bike, so not too heavy. No bells or whistles.
Preference for a rack is as simple as possible, hopefully don’t need to adjust tail light or license plate. But I guess to make it super secure - this isn’t an option.

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Does somebody knows some type of a bike rack for verticaly mount bikes? For one or two bikes. Something like North Shore Racks, but for the standard tow ball. Don’t need to be removed for opening the hatch :slight_smile:

Here I get some ideas…




You can buy a towbar for a twizy then but a towbar mounted bike rack.

I already have two racks for tow ball mounting (one THULE and one no name) , but don’t like the horisontal positioning, beacouse bikes are too wide against Twizy’s 125cm. Loking for something more DIY option. I’m not in the mood to spend 700€ for towbar from ministromer site. don’t even need electrical instalation. Now I’m loking for some kind of flange option, rather that square USA kind of clutch instead european standard 2" ball. Realy like that DIY rack from the first picture in my first post, so it seems that I will make it by my own. Looking forward to find proper place on Twizy’s bottom to mount that square clutch…

700 Euro’s for a twizy towbar? Really? I got a heavy duty one supplied and fitted on my van for half that!! Shocking!!


The question about golf clubs got me thinking.
Is there a 2020 solution to the bike rack question or is following lifeinatwizys instructions the “easiest way” to go? I’d love to be able to get my bike down to the Olympic Park!
This looks like a DIY one - and mounts the bikes perfectly.

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