Bilstein suspension

Hi, just read that Sterling Moss has a Twizy which has uprated Bilstein struts as the “ride was too stiff” he said ,does anyone know what they are?

These are the people to ask

They do not list the Twizy in their applications chart but I expect if Stirling Moss rang for help they would say certainly Sir Stirling…

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I’d be interested in this too just emailed the UK distributor for any information/prices they may have.

Did you ever get any answer from Bilstein? :slight_smile:

From the german

Just to give you the technical background: Sir Sterling was complaining about both base handling and also ‘crash through on to the bumpstops on the rear’ when going over London pot holes etc…

Our solution was to increase the bump damping, progressively, to help control the body roll and also to remove energy from the body motion in bump. We also used a slightly stiffer Eibach Race Spring (ERS) on the rear, to address the crash though issue and also to try to cancel out some of the heavy understeer behaviour - don’t worry, it will not now oversteer, it is just better ‘balanced’ in corner and on roundabouts…

There is also a price quote: 60 Cars Sets = €554.45 each.

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I’m up for a set! Anyone else?

Is there not a set springs here that would suit? I’ve no idea what the OEM springs are rated at…

60 sets? I think that’s unattainable. I’d be game, though!