Black twizy in Angus, Scotland?

Hi there. I was driving along the dual carriageway between Carnoustie and Arbroath this evening and spotted a black twizy. Just wondering if it’s anyone on this forum? I live in Carnoustie and also own a twizy.

That was me, on my way home from work. Live in Dundee and work in Arbroath.

Hehe! Cool. I was beginning to think mine was the only one!!! I’ll give you a wave next time I see you. I gave you a wave last night. I was driving my black smart car though …

Cool, yes I saw you too, near muirdrum. I thought it was another twizy at first. Sorry didn’t see you wave but will next time.

If you are commuting between Dundee and Arbroath via the dual carriageway, what sort of range does that give you going 40 - 50 mph, or do you charge it while you’re at work?

Hi Kes! That was me waving like a loony today on the dual carriageway driving the blue Mercedes (bad gas guzzler!!). Do you keep your windows in all the time?


Nice car! Wasn’t sure if it was a fellow twizy enthusiast or someone thinking good on you (nutter) lol.

My brother was actually driving it that day. But yes we keep the windows in all year round. The weather is just too unpredictable for us to take them out. Plus it’s pretty nice with the windows in keeps it from being too noisy.

I would like to get a sound system in. Shame the remap thing is so expensive if the twizy could do 70mph I’d love it even more!

Hehe. I’ve kept my windows out so far (3 months). I like the wind round about me! Might use them when It gets colder. Do you manage Arbroath and back on one charge via the dual carriageway? The wee thing was fair nipping along! Are you going to the electric car test driving day in broughty ferry next Saturday? There is also an electric vehicle do on at the woodlands in broughty ferry this Thursday night.

Lol, 52mph. I’ve just ordered the OVMS so I want to bump the speed up to about 62-64mph and give it a little speed boost too. I usually charge it when I get to Dundee.If I pull in at Carnoustie and go down through Monifeith I could probably just about do it with one charge.

No I was working and missed it was it good?

I didn’t get unfortunately. Had to ferry my daughter around.