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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Blimey, have I been wittering a lot?

Just realised this is to be my 1,000th post on the forum, I think that is the current record :o

Great to see new owners coming on board and the site ever improving thanks to James, with new ways to use the vehicle and new kit to add to it.

As the regulars know, I sold mine and do miss it (but not Renault :lol: ). I have owned 232 cars, 18 motorbikes, a minibus and a van and the Twizy was greatly enjoyed and likely to be repeated as I do keep a look out for a bargain every other day…! I visit Talgarth Mill Cafe every so often and see their Twizy parked up, plus the other one in Leominster too.

Thanks for the responses to posts and healthy comebacks, heckles and debates on various points, it has been an enjoyable forum to be part of. The really deep knowledge of the subject some of you have has blown me away and the help and advice between members has been nice to see.

Keep on Twizying, folks!

Lol 1000 posts!

Thanks for all the advice, keep it coming :slight_smile:
Twizy arrived today!

Haven’t stopped laughing since

Thanks! Enjoy your Twizy. Everything else seems a bit “normal”…:lol: