Blown dipped headlamp fuse

Coming home tonight it was a little dark so I switched the headlights on.
When I got home I found the dipped headlights were not working.
Main beam was fine as everything else was.
Checked the fuses and there was a blown fuse third from the left on the top row.
Swapped it over for the washer fuse to test it and it now works fine.
Only worry was that the blown fuse showed serious signs of melting before it blew.
Any ideas or do I just put it down to a bad fuse???


I have checked the fuses, left and right in my ‘64’ plate Twizy. Dipped beam still not working. Does anyone know where the relay is for these lamps? I have checked just above the fuses and there appears to one black relay with an empty socket on the right. There is a blue relay over to the left of the fuse board.

Obvious question - both bulbs haven’t failed have they? Sorry if you have checked that already.