Blue Allow wheels

I am trying to purchase 4 new Blue Allow wheels for my Twizy as my early Christmas present. I have tried to convince my wife that I will fit winter tyres to the original wheels therefore the allow wheels were necessary :smile: … It’s not working but it’s for me so!

I have been watching the prices on eBay from a German Renault part supplier. Over 2 weeks ago and with a good exchange rate the price was £276.00 + £20.00 postage, today the price is up at £280.53 + £24.67 postage.

That’s now more than the Renault price at £300.00 if you add the wheels to the figuration when purchasing a new Twizy.

I am not sure of the Renault price as a one off order from their accessory dept… cannot get a quote online.

Does anyone has ever ordered allow wheels from Renault or anywhere else and at what price? I need to make my wife happy if I can keep the price low…


This is a website I am keeping an eye on. They say they can get Twizy Alloy Wheels. I have not enquires yet, however you might want to ask them for comparison purposes. I hope that helps. CrazyTwizy :wink: