BMS update for Twizy...Is there such a thing?

Just a couple of newbie questions. Is there such thing as a bms update for the Twizy? I’ve been looking at the Zoe for a while and there seems to be lots of discussion in this area. Maybe the Twizy is a little more basic in its battery management? :thinking: Also, it was my first time out in the Twizy yesterday. I plugged it in briefly before I went out and it was showing 87% charge before I set off. It predicted 38 miles range. When I got back out was 22 miles. I’ve just finished charging and the range is 38 miles predicted at 100% :thinking:. Is that likely to go up as I was lead to believe at least 50 mile range on 100% at reasonable temperatures?

No. But the estimated distance left is based on how it was last driven over approx 3miles. So if you race to the charge point or it is up hill then it will read low.

Range is effected by
Wet roads,rain
Driving style

To get 50 miles it needs to be done at nearly 20c dry no wind on a flat route. With speeds down around 30mph tops. It can be done but very boring.

Yesterday wasn’t idea to get a good rangy. Would expect 40 to 44miles and the GOM will always start at little lower than what was last done. Therefore I predict you would have got 40miles from the last full charge.

Expect 33 to 36 for the same route in winter and 44 to 48miles range in summer. But all depends on the routes.

From me to Borrowash it is down hill on the way back it is up hill.

Do you own the garage in Ilkeston? :thinking:

No not me @Lightly

Garage in Ilkeston is Mark Lightfoot he’s a french car service and repair centre. He does services my Peugeot car and my Twizy. He’s had a Twizy for ages.

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Can he fix the traction battery?

Mark Lightfoot’s twizy it’s got his web details on it.