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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

BMW i3 coupe concept

http:// http://www.bmw-i.co.uk/en_gb/bmw-i3/
Seems an interesting car.

The BMW i3 coupe concept also looks amazing! Despite it having ready production doors it is noted that the doors are not suicide doors and do not open wide to the wheels. Don’t you think this is one thing BMW should not change but stick to the original design that is used in the BMW i3 concept? Who we are?

I drove an i3 last weekend. It was very impressive but flawed in a number of respects.

Nevertheless I made the right noises to the salesman about being interested but that he would need to factor the Twizy into the deal. He said he’d get back to me and I expected 3 or 4 grand as a price to deal (on 28 grands worth of BMW)

Just had the call. He can’t find any dealer in the south east who will even consider a price. “It appears that no-one wants them” was his rather lame reply.