BMW i3 - Unexpected, very powerful, acceleration surge BMW

In October 2016, my partner and I purchased a new BMWi3, without the range extender. We understand we were one of the first buyers of this updated i3 in the U.K.

Since then, in January 2017 (my partner driving) and again in April 2017 (when I was driving) we have had two accidents, both caused by a sudden unexpected, very powerful, acceleration surge.

We are interested to know whether any other i3 owners have experienced a similar event and what the outcomes were.

I don’t have one of the new i3s so can’t comment, but have you been in touch with BMW yet?

If it is Software related it is going to be hard to prove. Easy form BMW to blame drive error. Ie. regen coming on and driver thinking the brakes are on. Also do you use Cruise control? Did you put that on or where you using it and the Sun up set it.

So many variables.

A couple of thoughts on this - A surge usually damages electrical components, it would be worth seeing if there is any electrical damage that would point to the issue. Secondly - if it happened ONCE, I would not be driving it a second time for it to happen again. Changing the vehicle would be the goal. While in conventional cars this has occurred also (for sure in the USA), the resulting outcomes could be devastating. I had tested the Twizy to all its limits for a month when I got it, melted a few things along the way - the relay in the battery pack and inverter. That was fixed by warranty, and made it solidly reliable. Same is happening to the new ZOE this month. Confidence in your vehicle is paramount in my mind…

Let us know what you find out as we are looking at the i3 at the moment