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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Bmw i3

Think twizy will be for sale soon. Bmw is definitely the future. More thoughts as I get some mileage done

Seen a few of these about, went to the local BMW dealer but they do not have a display or demo model, it has to come from another branch miles away.

If the predicted high residuals for these (esp the range extended version) is correct, they could be fairly economical to own.

If you were to have one for a year, it sounds like the total cost will be less than a Twizy-let’s see if this is true.

Would be interested to know your opinion of it!

I had one for a couple of days to trial, nothing but positives from me, they are fantastic. Good range and performance, great looks and feel very comfy even over longer distances.

What’s the cost, though?
If they hold their value and deals are good, do the figures compare well to what; a normal car, a Twizy, a 3 series, what?

I think they are awesome, it’s a shame they are not french! or I would own one :slight_smile:

French goes with your business, huh?! :smiley:

Yes, a bit counter productive to drive a BMW :slight_smile:

You could always drive it through a lake and the Taser the ECU to get that French ownership feeling :lol: