Borg & Beck parts worth it?

It’s been many years and still there are no rear hub alternatives to Renault Genuine Parts for the twizy, however there are lots of after market pads and Borg & Beck discs for the front. These are considerably cheaper!
What are the general thoughts and experiences of the after market options?

Having not owned the Twizy from new, I am unsure what a nice new set of brakes from the factory feels like, but I am pretty sure there are some on here who have experienced both.
I know it’s been said that the front disc tolerances seem a little sloppy with the wheel bearings. Is that still the case?

Should I save a fortune and buy from ‘ebay’…or is it a case of “buy cheap, buy twice”?

NO! The Borg & Beck front discs are wrong specs, so the wheel bearings will not fit as they will not sit snug.

Tried them, returned them and bought genuine front discs. So have several others.