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So I think I may be the first Twizy owner to have an accident?

I shunted someone today at a traffic light. Twizy Vs Land Rover Disco 3.

Twizy is now at the dealer, awaiting insurance quote. :frowning: And my insurers aren’t going to be happy next year, are they?

As far as I can tell, I’ll need a new front bumper (the Land Rover ripped through part of my bumper), a new front mudguard, and possibly some work on the suspension.

So I’m without the Twizy-- and I feel a fool. Must have only been doing about 5mph…

Sorry to hear this Nikki - was it just a lack of concentration or did the car in front brake sharply or what? How did it happen? That much damage at 5mph?

Bad luck. Hope the bits are easy/quick to get. I specialise in crash repair and in most minor shunt cases there is a better way than going via insurance, but the Twizy may be the exception to this rule: parts will be Renault only, unless you can find one in Europe that has been rear ended and has front end parts available.

I guess it will be put through the ridiculous insurance system and you will have it back in 3 weeks or so. Damn!
Any questions re: repair, please PM me.

Hope you are alright. Such pain as these things take so long to sort.

Hope you get it back soon. Please keep us informed on how long it takes to get the car back.

Just one of those split second things: my eldest said something to me, and looked in my mirror-- and missed the fact that she’d stopped.

There was a hole in the nose, just next to where the charging cable is, and the Land Rover’s tow bar hit my mudguard.

Hope Topher survives. I’m a little worried he’ll be written off… :frowning:

I guess the Disco is not damaged too much, did you get photos? They prevent extended claims, whiplash etc.

If you post a photo, I’ll take a guess at a quote for it. I would be very surprised if they wrote it off as they would have to replace with new if under 12 months old and there would be a build time wait-which they would not want.

If only a light tap, the front panel is only poly and (guess in line with other parts providers) would be £200, mudguard £65, suspension arms and number plate cheap enough. All parts bolt on and no spray work so Renault may be able to do it then send it for a four wheel alignment/tracking check-just a matter of how long the parts take to surface. I would guess at three weeks total, but it is an unknown quantity.

The insurer may insist on their approved (read financially incentivised) repairer and they will be fairly clueless-especially if it is less minor and anything is out of line.

I will be really interested to see how they deal with it. Watch out for the other guy over claiming and avoid any courtesy car/accident assist offers as they are a credit agreement and rely on it not being your fault. You never know, they may just replace if the repairers are unsure!

For all our sakes (future premiums!), I hope it is a cheap easy fix :wink:
Good luck-keep us posted.

Might to wise to hold off any further discussions on this until you have sorted out the insurance. I’m a member of another car forum and have heard of some cases where the insurance company has withheld payment due to things mentioned about the incident on a car forum.

Just a little update:

Looks like the Twizy may be written off :frowning:

Heard today that they took the front panel off, and while it looked okay with the panel on, the chassis did what it was supposed to do – even at 5mph – and buckled.

Hey, look on the bright side: I may be the first person to see a Twizy written off. :frowning:

However, the fact that the car buckled so badly at such a low speed is giving me second-thoughts about buying another one. :frowning:

I’ll post more when I know more :slight_smile:

Wow. This effectively means that if you have any sort of accident you really risk writing it off if it buckles that easily. This is bad news for the rest of us come insurance renewal time!!

Most cars are designed to deform in stages; a typical car will break the bumper, then crush the internal bumper bar, then compact the brackets, then compact the chassis legs.

How many stages the Twizy has is unknown-but I guess the fact the car is a “specialist” car is as much of a factor as the design when it came to repair. Simple and easy for the insurance company to write it off and sell it as salvage, rather than try and repair it with unknown parts supply and repair procedures.

Looking at the 30mph crash test, the front is designed to deform and protect the inner cell, so as you said-it did its job at low speeds. The 30mph crash test seems to leave the inner cell in one piece, but the initial stage damage or low speed damage may be hard to repair-or just too unknown or complex for most insurers-even if there is still a great deal more protection in the design for speeds well over 5mph (regardless of the repair process).

Bad luck, glad you are ok :wink:

I’m shocked that the Twizy should be written off at such a minor impact. I presume the air bag didnt go off. Was it really 5mph or is that what you put on the claim (you dont have to answer!).
I know that the suspension system is meant to deform on impact, maybe also the tow bar had something to do with it because I would expect most cars to drive away after a shunt like that.

Sorry to hear that Nikki, i suspect a Disco 4 with a towbar is about the worst thing you could have a shunt with so the damage is not that surprising. I had a similar 5mph shunt in a B&Q carpark with when someone backed into me reversing out a parking space. I was hit in the rear and the noise was horrendous so expected the worst when I got out. However the only sign of damage on the Twizy was a number plate bulb housing which fell out ( and I clipped back in ) and the woman had a detached bumper trim on her car. As it was her fault we both went our separate ways without claim as the Twizy seemed OK ( touchwood ) !

Ouch! That’s really bad news Nikki. Sorry to hear that. Glad you and your elder are ok. I really don’t wanna imagine what would have happened at higher speed Found this Twizy crash test video on youbube www: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwd3NLngl_k

Yes, I think it really was 5mph… If it was much more, it wasn’t much more, because the car had just started!

Never mind though. I’m sure the insurance will help it all get sorted out. I find out tomorrow if the car is written off or not.

Just a quick update:

After the insurance company realised that the battery pack complicates things, I heard that the engineer is pushing for repair :slight_smile:

Insurance companies look for the easiest way out, so who knows, they might repair it!

It’s official! Topher the Twizy lives to fight another day! :slight_smile:

Looks like it may take some time to get him back…and there’s a whole list of parts the local garage has to find…

Great stuff Nikki-let’s see how long it takes to get hold of the parts…:wink: