Bottom half of the door

Can anyone advise where I could buy replacements for the bottom “clear” parts of the doors as in attempting to remove the decals has resulted in some damage and it won’t go unnoticed when returning to finance company. Any suggestions welcome.

Had the same problem and i painted them in black as i couldnt find new ones. You could buy that type of plexyglass but there is work to do to fix it. If you have someone who knows how to do than you might do it if not the cost will be high. Or you can put some foil on it, if a pro will do it they will not notice .

What sort of damage? Could it be flatted and polished out?

It’s very strange almost like the tar and glue remover has reacted with the plastic or something. The rest of the car and other door all adhesive has come off no problem. I left it today with a smart repairs type place to dry to rub it down and machine polish type thing but had very little impact. Ultimately its gone all milky in colour and very rough in texture. I have now given it to a car detailing friend of mine so I’ll see where we get to.

On the German Forum is a Twizy in parts for sale now.

How do I find that?

Press Here

I’ve just done my Near side door. It was really easy. I was getting ready cut the old glass off as its bonded onto the frame but it just came off with a good pull !
The new part was about £65 and makes the world of difference.

I eventually had a friend basically machine sand it and gradually bring it back up with increasingly finer paper and used products intended for helmet bodies and the result was decent enough that finance company were happy upon return :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:. Great job you have done. Where did you get the plastic for £65 as that was always what I was after as the sand polish method took days and a very patient and particular friend :+1:

The part is the OE part from Renault. I had tried polishing first but i wasn’t getting a decent result even with specific Perspex polish.

Well Renault told me it wasn’t possible to order that part only, instead it was a whole door at about £600 :joy::joy:. So instead Renault finance got back a car that was in poorer condition than it would have otherwise been, oh well done now and good pics for others that come up against a similar problem.

Part number are N/S 803010535R
and O/S 803008914R

Took a week to get one in from France as they are non stocked in the UK.

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