Bought a Twizy in the middle of Winter!

Hello from Gothenburg, Sweden. Bought a Twizy on the 29th of December. The next day there was snow on the ground and I got to try a little drifting with it. Worked out well. Lots of fun. On Wednesday I will start commuting to work which is 30km away.

I hauled the Twizy from a dealership in Motala which is a 3 hour drive and now I’ve found a spot for it at the house.

Good luck with your Twizy, I use mine everyday, and at the moment it is cold & dark in the uk.
The battery range is much reduced in this cold spell, but the Twizy is still fun. If we get snow, my 1st thought is to go for a drive in the little car :slight_smile:

It must be freezing driving the Twizy in the weather you have in Sweden. Never mind, you will have the nice weather coming soon. Mind you, I find if you really get yourself wrapped up nicely, it is not too bad at all. It’s freezing in the UK recently and I still drive without the windows.

Welcome to the group.
Depending on the terrain and the way you drive then 30km each way (37miles total) without a top up charge may be on the limit at below 5c temps. Let us know how you get on.

If you want some “local” info:
It’s a swedish electric car forum…

Made it to work on time in 27 minutes. I had 37% battery left and could charge at work for the ride home. For a challenge it snowed in the morning but the temperature kept above 0°C. The windows I bought from the Scottish firm worked well also.

I’ve been in on that forum and see you’ve come some way modifying your Twizy. I’m thinking of installing the OVMS in a few months and will be seeking your advice. Vi hörs.