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Bought a Twizy!

After a long time looking around I’ve finally bought a Twizy :smiley:
Its a White Twizy Colour with Doors with just 351 miles on the clock as an ex-Demo car.
The dealer was miles away from me so I have bought it sight unseen…
The Renault salesman assured me that it was in mint condition so fingers crossed!
Cost me £5500 which is about the cheapest Twizy with doors I have seen.
All being well it will be delivered next week.
I can’t wait! :smiley:
Just need to decide which windows to go with…


Great stuff Andy, sounds like a really good deal. What colour are the wheels etc?
Mine was an ex-demo too-I thought it would reduce my depreciation costs long term.

I was keen on getting windows, but I have now used mine for a while and found I don’t really need them, but I would buy a bargain set if they came up.

Post some pics when you get it :wink:

Congratulations, you will feel like a pioneer in the Twizy :slight_smile:
should be a bit more comfortable than the bikes , well done, sounds like a cheap car at that price .

Thanks Mender and Lightly :slight_smile:
Its got the White standard wheels fitted, can’t remember what they are called…
By what I am reading I will have to get used to answering questions every time I stop! :smiley:
Used to be the same thing when I owned a Triumph Rocket 2.3 Litre Motorbike :slight_smile:
Everytime I stopped I would get the same questions.

Is it really 2.3 Litres?
How fast does it go?
Didn’t know Triumph still made Motorbikes
etc etc


Just thank your lucky stars you did not have MG midget…old bore magnet!!!

Wait to see the attention you get in the Twizy-especially if there aren’t that many in your area :wink:

Wait to see the attention you get in the Twizy-especially if there aren’t that many in your area

I believe mine will be the first in the Leicester Area :slight_smile:
The Leicester Renault Dealer has sold 3 Twizy’s and they all went to Nottingham.
Bring on the questions! :smiley:


Mine was from Renault Leicester :cool: