Brake Discs - rubbing/binding/catching

My Twizy’s booked at the dealers again for a few warranty issues. I mentioned you could hear the brakes binding and touching when driving around.
I was told if they were and they needed cleaning/sorting then this would be additional charge and not covered by warranty. Considering the car’s a year old and done 500 miles I was a bit surprised. I’m more than capable of reseating the calipers, but was wondering if there was any precedent for this being covered under warranty.

Very standard stuff on the Twizy. The pads stick in the calipers and pistons in the calipers and need clearing and greasing up. Bad here in the UK with all the rain and winter salt.

Yep just wondering if a sticky caliper come under wear and tear items on warranty. Will have a read through the booklet tonight.

Get used to it. Mine cost £600 to replace the front disks at 7500 miles, the back ones need done too now…

Mine just gone in for 3rd year service and just under 10000 miles.

Brakes had been fine but service showed rear pads and discs 85% worn. Since getting car back the noise is horrendous as they must have freed the pads up. Quoted nearly £1000 for just rear pads/discs and labour.

Full complaint to Renault who are dealing with but no result yet.

Can you imagine having a £1000 bill every 10000 miles just for the rear brakes.

The car has needed new tyres which I have sourced and replaced and only other thing come up on the service was a recall but didn’t mention what.

Asked for Renault to cover a significant portion of costs and if they have changed anything on the brakes to stop this happening in another 10000 miles.

I will keep you informed…

It’s not acceptable, I can physically hear ££’s being scuffed away. I’m dropping the car off at Renault Crewe Monday for various warranty bits and we’ll see what they say, otherwise I’ll take the calipers off and sort them myself, maybe I’ll replace with the stainless cylinders too. I’d rather sort it now while I only have 500 miles on the clock.

When you do it your self grease the pad guides well. As it is the pads that stick as well as the piston.

Just had a look at the discs on the rear myself and would say hardly 85% worn. Fairly heavy scoring which you would expect from the pads and bad design. Anyone know the discs tolerances so I can challenge them on 85% wear. I think they know that cannot fix the issue without new discs so pushing me down this route. The plot thickens.

Renault garages do this a lot with the Twizy and forget they are thinner. Some where on this site is the answer you need.

They start at 4.6mm and can drop to 3.5mm is the replacement thickness. Way way thinner than a standard car they might be comparing it with.

OK caught up on threads here. Shocking design it would seem.So been offered 50% off £570 bill just for rears. so £285. Via Renault Complaints and to be far the guy seemed to have been told to follow the line of not used everyday this is what happens. I use mine everyday!

Going to do my own checks tomorrow as sure pads are worn but not discs. Also been given the it happens when not used. I’ve used everyday for 12 months. Not expecting great deal of movement until I ask what is the tolerances of discs expected for mileage. Going to pin them down.

Thanks Osbrook for the tolerances. I don’t think the discs are even .2 mm worn although scored slightly.

They say the fronts are 50% worn and rears 85% worn. They also they are corroded. Either inept at measuring or may be standard practice.

Anyone any advice/ideas on my next action. I want to challenge that discs are not needing replaced and just pads. But \I know you know and they know that it will be back in 2 days with the pads binding on the discs.

It’s clear to me that Renault dealers know precious little about these cars and even less about customer service. As far as I can see, they are seemingly using ‘normal’ vehicle tools and processes to measure the thickness of the discs and therefore coming to the conclusion that the discs are almost totally worn out. I doubt that is the case and the same happened to me.

The issue I believe is that the cars run pretty effective regen ‘neutral’ braking upon lift-off and therefore we don’t need to use the brakes very hard. They rarely get a proper clean up and therefore corrode, which causes the noises and the reported binding. And of course foot-braking also leverages a heap of regen, further adding to our problems.

If you are a PowerBox user, then a really easy way to clean up the discs is to switch off Neutral Regen Braking (ie: lift-off / overrun), reduce the Foot-Braking Regen to 0% and then go for a spirited drive for a few miles until the brakes are nice and shiny once again. This method will ensure that only the hydraulics and your leg power is used to slow the car and everything will benefit from this 'Italian Tune-Up"! Once everything is cooled, have a quick inspection and if it still needs more, consider running like this for a week or so. Then switch Regen back on and job’s a good’un.

If you’ve not got a PowerBox, then I’m afraid you will simply have to use the brakes very hard on a quiet road or journey early in the morning until the discs clean up. The effect will be the same, but without a PB you won’t be able to remove the regen effect which of course does most of the braking in normal driving. You may have to be a little more brutal.

BUT - before doing either of these clean-up techniques, please check that your brake pads are in good shape, as these also start pretty ‘thin’ and if they’re not in the best of health, get them replaced, An easy job for a sensible home mechanic and could be completed within the hour probably, both front and back. Then bed the brakes in carefully before going for the clean-up process proper.

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All good input thanks. I’ve just spoken to Renault customer services about what the specific warranty covers in regards to brakes.
The usual “disc and pads are wear and tear etc” However with a mileage so low they recommend asking Renault Crewe for a full diagnostic to explain the brake noise and to go from there. Car is used pretty much everyday and is stored in a garage overnight.

Car just been back to Renault Dealer for recall and to recheck the rear brakes.

So discs remeasured as 4.5mm and check sheet says minimum is 4mm so discs do not need replacing. So if they start at 4.6mm they are 16% worn not 85%.

Pads are 1mm and minimum is 1.1mm so getting these done for £160 incl labour.

So finally some decent customer service. Renault Holdcroft Crewe, car was booked in for a new 12v battery, nearside wind deflector adjustment & brake clean/regrease/adjustment, all under warranty & the car even got cleaned!

Was there for two days, I was told the brakes were done “as a gesture of good faith”, either way the disc noise has been reduced, although not removed.

They’ve definitely had them apart, cleaned and copper greased everything. If the noise gets any worse I think it’ll have to be a bigger conversation between Renault & the dealership on what steps to take next.