Brake feel or lack thereof

Hi everyone,

I am contemplating buying a twizy and i found a lightly used 2013 with 6000kms on the odometer. I test drove it yesterday and although i certainly liked the ride, i was frightened by the brakes. They don’t have any feeling and barely a centimeter range of travel. In fact when i hit the brakes for the first time i thought there were no brakes. Then i read the forum topics and reviews about twizy, regarding brake feel, to hear descriptions like wooden brakes etc but in any case i wanted to ask you guys whether that is normal brake feel on twizy? Are there any modifications to make it more progressive with more feeling?



My brakes feel normal the harder I press the quicker I stop. This week I had all 4 wheels locked on a dry road when some twonk was unable to judge speed in a 30 zone and over took me only to pull back in too soon.

However now I have to strip then down and fee the front brake up as it is now sticking on.:rage:

Brakes are certainly stiffer on the Twizy than a ‘normal’ car with ABS. However I wouldn’t let that put you off, you quickly get used to it.

I have no trouble with the feel of the brakes on my Twizy. But then I try to use it as little as possible, instead using anticipation and regen to slow the Twizy down as much as possible.

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These brakes do not sound right to me. The brakes on the twizy feel a little different as they are not power assisted, but they are still have a range of travel and are progressive.

The only difference is that you have to press them (like you have a heavy shoe on) rather than press them like you have no shoes on like you can with power assisted brakes.


i’m lucky enough to drive classic minis and go carts , no assisted braking systems, the twizy brakes are fine and stop the car well you just need to press harder on the pedal to stop, usual the pedal needs to be pressed a few inches downward,

if the brakes haven’t been used for a while then you need to do a few slow brake tests to clean up the braking area on the disk. usually i try get up to 20 mph and then slowly stop several times.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. There is another twizy in the area i live, so i will arrange that for a test drive to make sure whether what i experienced the other day is normal behaviour.


I am new to the forum :slight_smile:
I just bought a Twizy on Friday.
The seller said the brake is stiff, but that it is supposed to be like this.
Like erdem says my brake is also very stiff, and and has very little play.
Could anyone suggest a cause and a remedy for this?


Fredrik in Norway

There’s no servo assist so it will feel hard/stiff on the pedal. I left-foot-brake so it’s not so much an issue for me. Might be worth trying that (don’t practise when there’s any cars behind you :))…

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