Brake fluid change

It’s been a while since I’ve done a brake fluid change myself but as my Twizy is now 4 years old, and I wanted to improve braking, I gave it a go today.

All that was required was an 8mm spanner, a 10mm spanner, a syringe, a piece of tube (I used the outer sheath of some co-ax cable), an assistant, some brake fluid and a suitable container.

I found it easier to do the rears with the wheels removed but it’s just about manageable with them fitted. Turning the steering wheel gives easy access to the fronts.

My workshop manual specifies DOT4 ISO Class 6 brake fluid, which I bought from Halfords.

After draining the reservoir of the old fluid it was repeatedly topped up whilst each bleed nipple was opened and closed as the brake pedal was pressed and released.

I was slightly concerned by the new brake fluid seeming thinner and lighter in colour but this did make bleeding easier as I could clearly see when the new fluid came through. I read up about the fluid on the Comma website, which states “Low Viscosity properties provide improved braking and faster anti-skid reaction at low temperatures”.

On completion I tested the brakes, which do seem better, although I’ve also stripped and cleaned the calipers this weekend so not sure how much of the improvement is down to that!


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Thanks for that. My Twizy is 5 years old and I bought it second hand, so I’ve no idea when the fluid was last changed, and my one complaint about the Twizy is poor braking performance, and thanks to you I feel I can give it a try. I have never removed the front plastic cover, or bonnet. I can’t find a lever that is supposed to lie beneath the windscreen wiper opening, and am afraid to pull till I break something. Can you advise?

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There is no magic lever. Rather it is a pull carefully from the top where you can get your fingers in.

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I was also a bit concerned about pulling the front panel off but nothing broke and all was well.

I’m guessing the warmer the plastic the less likely it will be for anything to break.