Brake fluid leak on the hand break mechanism

I seem to have a leak on the handbrake mechanism, is this common is there a seal or will I need to get a new calliper does anyone no.

Have you had the Twizy long?
Are you sure it is a leak as it is an area that needs lubrication to stop the handbrake sticking.

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I have had it a week now, unless the bloke had lubed one side and put less oil on the other. I -was presuming it was brake fluid but I might be wrong I only noticed it late this afternoon. That big nut which is highlighted is where it seems to be coming from you can just see a drop under it.

Looks like lubrication for the handbrake.

Have a look at the pictures under sticking handbrake. My pictures shows my Twizy is well lubricated in that area and nowhere near as clean as your brakes. I spray mine about every 2 weeks depending on the weather. They have stuck in the past but spraying them keeps them freed up.

Mine tends to stick on one side more than the other - near side in the UK. Which also aligns with your picture.

To make sure, keep checking the Brake fluid level (behind the panel that fits between the headlights). This is removed, with great trepidation, by starting at the top near the wiper arm and pulling away from the car, then work along to the other side and lift up and off. Brake fluid bottle is there on the left when looking from the front.

What do you use to lubricate the calliper?

:slight_smile: I spray WD40 on the handbrake arm on the back of the Caliper. My Twizy is nearly 8 years old and it has helped keep it free apart from when I forget. WD40 my not be the best lubricant, however it keeps the water out and stops the corrosion and seizing up.

I went in the £1 shop bought a small can of WD40 which is kept in the glove box - this reminds me to do it.

Well I have took the wheel of this morning and had a good look at it.
It’s definitely brake fluid and it seems to be coming from behind this bolt
When I pump the peddle you can see it oozes out. I haven’t got a diagram of the caliper does anyone no if there a seal behind this bolt. It’s the off side wheel

Took the caliper off and it looks there is a seal behind this nut and that what was causing the leak. I ended up buying a new caliper.

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I also have this problem, where did you buy the new caliper?

I bought from the Renault dealer came to the parts department next day. Cured the problem :+1:t2:

This was a recall back in about 2014. Cars were inspected for this leak and the caliper replaced free if leaking.
Mine leaked a few years later and I lost all my fluid - pedal to the floor no brakes! No joy from Renault for a free replacement as it was “too late” by then.
As there is no fluid level indicator on the Twizy you MUST do a regular Reservoir check. Be warned everyone.!