Brake fluid leak

Just had my Twizy taken in to fix a brake fluid leak from one of the rear callipers… The STOP light came on intermittently and got worse over a couple of miles. Seemed OK on downhill so I figured it must be brake fluid level!

Anyway, I think there was a recall for this in 2012/2013 maybe, so it’s interesting this happened on my late 2014 car - perhaps they’ve not really fixed it?

On the plus side, Renault ZE assistance have been very helpful - so far. They organised a tow truck and a courtesy car. The tow took about 3 hours to arrive, but in terms of their organisation of it, it’s all be fine. The dealer’s not actually put the new calliper on yet, and I’m probably going to have to pay them £190 for new pads fitting on the rear (which seems a bit steep since they’re doing half the job to replace one calliper anyway…) so I’ll reserve judgement of the whole process until I actually get the car back…!

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Really interesting for me! My STOP light and (!) were coming on intermitently a couple weeks ago. After a long while, they pulled off the front panel and saw that the brake fluid was down to half. They checked the brake pads and noticed the rear pads were nearly gone.
I ordered them myself and followed a few youtube tutorials tonight to replace the pads. In the process, my right rear calliper was literally squirting brake fluid at me when I was compressing it before fitting it back on!
Seems like this is indeed a similar problem to the recall issue many years ago. Yikes.

For anyone who may experience this in the future -
My local Renault shop opted to replaced the entire brake assembly (thankfully still under warranty!). He said the piece itself cost EUR 190 … plus 3-4 hours labor. Yikes.

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My Twizy Colour 2012 has suddenly had to have the brakes pumped. A friend suggested it could be leaking brake fluid. My hand brake needs adjusting too, as I’m having to carry a chock for it (I’ve mastered putting it down and collecting it whilst in the car) and it’s not activating the brake light. Nothing mentioned about a recall on purchase

Hmm. I know there was a recall on the earlier models regarding brake fluid leak. Might want to see if you can still get that covered.
I would keep an eye on your brake fluid (bottle right behind your front panel, if you take it off).
For the handbrake adjustment, check this thread:

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