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Brake noise

At low speeds I can hear a rub with the wheels turning - it sounds just like the brake pads rubbing the wheel on a bicycle. Does anybody else get this? Can I hear it just because the wheels are exposed? Or should I be taking it back to the dealer?! Any help greatly appreciated.

Difficult to comment without actually hearing the noise, my Twizy brakes are noisy after leaving for a few days, but silent once used a few times.
I would say, if in doubt take it into your dealer.

Most brakes rub slightly when not used hard-the Twizy is light and you try to use the regen and not the braking, so it is easy for them to fur over a bit-mine do until I brake hard a few times. Would not worry about it!

My mudguards get packed with mud too which rubs on the tyres, but I’m rural…

Discs are usually made from cast iron rather than any exotic material and as such they rust. Really quickly. If your rubbing sound occurs after you have just hosed the car or after a nice damp night have a look at the discs before you put Twizy to bed then again before you take he/she out in the morning. Orange rust can rub against the pads making the noise until it has been polished off.

You dont mention if yours keeps doing it after a drive. Does it? If so then that is not normal.

Thanks - I only use mine 2-3 times a week at the moment and even then it is for very short journeys in London. So it probably is the rust rubbing off. Definitely no problems with mud in North London…