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Brake recall

I was just getting all ready to collect my Twizy today when I got a phone call from the dealer. They said they have just got a brake recall memo from Renault this morning so they said they might as well do it first before I take delivery and they will give me a call when it is ready. Don’t know whether it is BS or geniune. Has anyone heard anything about a brake recall. Or it may be too soon since they only got the memo this morning, ie if that is the truth.

See this web site for the orginal brake recall on the Twizy.

Thanks, Osbrook. It must be the same recall. CAN’T be a new one. All this about getting the memo this morning was just BS. The dealer never bothered while they had the car. It was their demonstrator. I am still looking forward to getting the car soon.

Hey at least they notified you about it and are going to sort it out. Some dealers wouldn’t have bothered!

I will give them credit. They did say they can’t let me have the car while there was a brake issue.

Got the Twizy yesterday.
First impression : what a HARD ride!!! It jumps all over the place. Tyre pressure has been checked and they are OK.
Second impression : loud whine when you go slightly faster, quite wearing. Lucky I will use it just to run around in.
Third impression : FUN FUN FUN!!! And it is a beautiful day today.

It’s still fun months down the line and mine is used daily.
Do check your tyre pressures again. We all had pressures that were too high and that did make it jump. The ride will still be hard but better with softer tyres.
The whine will soon fade into the background.

Just enjoy the fun.