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Brake replacement and tyres

Does anyone have recent experience of getting new brakes and tyres from other sources than Renault?

A friend has been quoted over £800 for this, which has been seen before, but he doesn’t want to go down the self install road and the last updates on here were a few years back.


Faalken make the rear tyres, but the front ones are only made by continental. I was £118 for two front tyres for my twizy just last week. The rears are faalkens, and they were £100 the pair, and they’re more efficient and quieter than the conti Eco’s.

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I fitted Uniroyal Rain Expert 3 on the rear at £37.60 each (Oct 17). I see they are even cheaper now. They have been a great tyre. Your choice for front tyres is limited to Continental only.
I removed the rear discs including hubs and had the discs skimmed by a local engineering company which removed some pitting, corrosion and general unevenness.This was successful and huge saving on new disc/hub assemblies not to mention the saving on waste. Brake pads are available from a number of aftermarket manufacturers such as Apec, EBC and Borg & Beck. I fitted Apec.


I got Champiro ECO GT Radials fitted for 73€ in Spain and kept the old ones for drag races.

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Thanks for your comments guys

I bought new Continentals from www.mytyres…co.uk at the start of August 125/80/13 fronts at 45.30 each and 145/80/13 rears at 44.30 each. The fitting cost was £20 + £4 for disposal of old tyres.
I’m based near Reigate and had my Twizy from new in 2012 and covered 11,000 miles.

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